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Achilles - High Spec i5 Gaming PC
Achilles - High Spec i5 Gaming PC

Purchased this pc with a few upgrades, the most importa...

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Achilles - High Spec i5 Gaming PC
by Mark Barbara Date Added: Tuesday 27 August, 2013
Achilles - High Spec i5 Gaming PC
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Since early this year I was interested in upgading my incredibly outdated PC. This would be the first high-end PC that I would have owned and I wasn't confident in buying parts and building one myself so I looked up a few sites that offer this service and checked out the options they gave me.

I eventually settled with ukgamingcomputers for a few reasons. Over the past few months I have been e-mailing them back and forth with questions about parts and what would be best for this and that etc. I was surprised at the fast replies I got back with helpful information, I was also researching and learning about what I feel is best for me during the time up until purchase. During this time before I settled on the build I wanted I discovered another reason to stick with buying from these guys, the flexability, I wasn't too keen on the options available so I just asked via e-mail about adding in these parts instead of this and that and to my surprise again I was able to build what I wanted and not just select from the current listed specs.

The only problem I encountered was when they temporarily updated the site options and included my specific parts. I felt a sense of urgency and somewhat rushed selecting the parts and purchasing the system. After the purchase they realised that the prices were off on a couple of items that they added for me, so before they started on my system we had to sort this out and we did. Even though I was content selecting my parts quickly for them and made no mistakes during purchase, I feel that this could have been handled with more clarity and less stress. You don't want to purchase a system and think you got a good deal then you realise they made a slight error on pricing. They also informed me of this not being the ideal way that they would have gone about this type of custom build, so I'm glad that they know this and have another way of doing this type of customisation.

When this made it to my doorstep and I got it all hooked up, running and tweaked a few things to my liking, I felt content and very happy with this set up. I'll thank them again for putting up with my numerious e-mails during the time leading upto my purchase, lol.

The system I selected and customised started as the Achilles - High Spec i5 Gaming PC on their site. The parts I chose to change specifically were the GPU manufacturer type, the CPU Cooler, the SSD manufacturer.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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