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Cerberus - Extreme Custom PC
Cerberus - Extreme Custom PC

So it's time for me to write another overwhelmingly pos...

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Cerberus - Extreme Custom PC
by Thomas Holyland Date Added: Thursday 15 June, 2017
Cerberus - Extreme Custom PC
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Well, what can I say? There is quite literally nothing to complain about.

Firstly I was amazed at how quickly it booted. I timed it (sort of roughly counting in my head... I didn't sit there with a stopwatch) and it went from just switched on to actually logged in to WoW in just under a minute. The same applies to everything else installed on your SSD I believe. The only downside is the times when you click a web page and it takes longer than 2 seconds to load... It feels like a lifetime as this PC really does spoil you in that regard.

Tragically, I am yet to play any other game on this machine. I can confirm however, surprise surprise, that it runs WoW virtually effortlessly. I say virtually because occasionally you'll fly over a heavily detailed environment, with every graphic setting switched to ultra, and the fps may dip down to around 25 or so. Which by the way is still absolutely fine. It can just feel odd when you're used to the more typical 50 - 110 fps, including during raids.

Incidentally I set everything to minimum once and achieved 440 fps. Obviously this is a complete waste but if you currently have a PC struggling with minimum or low settings (during raids etc) then you can really see from that number what an amazing difference this type of machine makes.

This PC has made me look back at my first days PC gaming with games set to minimum settings and achieving between 2 and 19 fps (depending on what was happening) with great, great sadness. Especially as that office style setup I bought back then - 10 years ago! - only cost around 600 quid less than this setup (or, the same if you only count the cost of the tower itself)

Anyway... Setting up was also easy. The most difficult part was actually unpacking everything and sorting out what I actually needed for the set up and what I didn't, there is a LOT of paperwork associated with this PC thankfully however you only need 2 or 3 sheets of it. Instructions were also very clear and concise.

Delivery was on time, zero issues there. I also had several concerns during my build phase regarding a mouse and keyboard not being compatible with my chosen OS, the online chat guys were very knowledgable and prompt with their replies as well as polite and generally good all round.

I have noticed other reviewers commenting on the quietness of the fans, they are indeed very quiet and you barely notice them certainly over game music etc... There are times when they seem to speed up quite a lot and they get SLIGHTLY more noisy but even then it's still a non issue. Definitely nothing to worry about there.

Overall, extremely worth it. Yes it may seem expensive but it will be years and years until a PC such as this becomes redundant, by which time it will have cost you a couple of hundred pounds a year or the price of a cheap mobile phone contract :)

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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