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Chaos - Gaming Computer
Chaos - Gaming Computer

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Chaos - Gaming Computer
by Ahmad Chaker Jomaa Date Added: Tuesday 13 May, 2014
Chaos - Gaming Computer
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If you are on the fence, trust me; a gaming PC from these guys is the best next step for real gamers.<br><br>Ever since the new generation of gaming consoles came out I was on the fence, unsure of what to get next. I wanted to take my gaming to the next level but I was fed up with the hidden costs and odd features of the new generation.<br><br>I wanted to play the latest games, but I didn't want to forsake my classic favourites - both the PS4 and XB ONE fail to provide real backwards compatibility.<br><br>I realised that the most flexible gaming option would be a solid gaming PC. I was really interested in building a PC of my own but most custom PC sights were intimidating and quite alien to a layman such as myself. I had no idea what parts I wanted.<br><br>This is where UK gaming computers really delivered the best possible service. With the help of experienced pc building experts I was able to select every part I wanted individually. I was given excellent recommendations based on what I was after.<br><br>I had all the freedom and thrill of building my own machine, while remaining comfortable in the safety of knowing that an expert would review my choices and advise me accordingly if I had made a mistake.<br><br>Not only was the service and advice fantastic, but after completing my order I decided I fancied some other parts in my PC. Even though UKGC had already ordered all the parts I had originally selected, they were still very happy to allow me to modify my choices, fuss-free. <br><br>I now have the exact product I wanted. After a swift delivery I opened a well-protected package to find a perfect gaming PC that is yet to meet a game it can’t play on ultra-settings! It is genuinely unlike any other gaming experience I have ever had. <br><br>I have had my Gaming PC for a couple of weeks, and I honestly couldn't be happier with it. As my old consoles (yes I had them all) gather dust, I have been able to game like never before with my choice of a keyboard and mouse or any old controllers I like. I have access to more games than ever before, all on a PC that meets so many other day to day requirements.<br><br>I haven’t hesitated to recommend these guys to my friends and family, and if in the future I ever need to upgrade my PC or purchase any other products there is no doubt that I’ll be coming back UKGC, were I’m sure I can’t go wrong.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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