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Chaos - Gaming Computer
Chaos - Gaming Computer

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Chaos - Gaming Computer
by David Huggett Date Added: Saturday 26 September, 2015
Chaos - Gaming Computer
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What can i say, im very pleased with the service UKGC provided, I was after a gaming/photo manipulation rig and im very please i chose the right one. This thing is a beast, and to boot i have never seen a computer look so tidy inside, they have done an excellent job on the cable management.<br><br>First off ,The zalman z11 plus case looks very nice indeed,Its not to large or small has plenty of ventilation, and just an over all sleek design to it,when i took it out of the box it was surprisingly light to handle,when i plugged it in the joy i got just seeing a giant red glow coming from the inside made me all warm and fuzzy inside, and the corsair heat sink has a nice contrast to add to the light show.<br><br>I chose to do a little upgrade on the graphics card and went with an nvidia gtx 970 3gb, of which i'm happy to say dose the job and can handle pretty much anything i throw at it, having received a free game with it i fired that up and tested it out and well one happy customer.<br><br>The 8 core processor i decided to also do an upgrade on blows away anything i have previously had multi tasking is a breeze and programs like gimp and blender can now be used to there full potential, another plus again.<br><br>The 8gb corsair vengence ram is handling things very well to i may do an upgrade later on at some point but so far plenty for what i need it for, as for speed its lighten fast still getting used to pages actually loading up :D i used to have to wait for something to load so i still sit there waiting and its already finished so a massive bonus on the speed side of things which makes me more productive .<br><br>Now comes the noise level which is always a concern when you tend to want a decent amount of cooling and i was a little apprehensive when i first saw the amount on there but as soon as powered up its whisper quite, i have it up on the desk almost right next to my head and the noise level barely bothers me at all, compared to what i was used to, you know the kind sort of like buying an industrial fan heater and having it blowing straight in your face, hearing becomes a problem and the breeze might be nice but you know you can,t work while looking like the doc from back to the future when you walk out the door. So yeah its nice and quite <br><br>Nothing to dislike about this rig at all its just one useful sexy looking pc, cheers UKGC will defiantly be using you from now often <br><br>All in all <br><br>Pros<br><br>Speed<br>P-
ower<br>Looks<br>Value For Money For What you Get <br><br>Cons - None

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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