Display Information

We had HD Ready (720p), then Full HD (1080p) and now we have Ultra HD (2160p). Where you see the Ultra HD 4K logo it means this systems graphics card is capable of outputting a Ultra HD Resolution. Ultra HD offers four times the resolution and pixel density of full HD resulting in spectacular visual effects;

The VR Ready logo announces a system in its standard specification is suitable for a Virtual Reality device such as a oculus rift. Check the info button next to the graphics card choice for more info.

Where you see the 3D Ready logo it means that the systems graphics card is capable of outputting in 3D. Imagine your favourite game popping out the screen as you play with one of the most immersive technologies.

The HDMI logo states that the system has a HDMI port for monitor/TV connectivity. Truth be told, all our systems have at least 1 x HDMI port and 1 x DVI port meaning that you can connect to 99.9% of modern monitors or TV's. Even if your screen has VGA you can still use a DVI to VGA adaptor to achieve compatibility.

When ultra HD is not available the next best thing is Full HD (1080p). It is by no means poor, as its still 4 times the native resolution of the average Xbox 360 Game (622p), and eqivelentequivalent of the max PS4 game.