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Erebus - i7 Gaming PC
Erebus - i7 Gaming PC

Very pleased with my order. All along the way it was ni...

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Erebus - i7 Gaming PC
by Lynn Figg Date Added: Tuesday 06 November, 2012
Erebus - i7 Gaming PC
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Before i ordered my PC from UKGC i had a couple of weeks to read reviews of the components offered. I was very impressed that the various components on offer all have great reviews on a number of different sites, so I felt confident from the start that i had made the right choice by going to UKGC.

When you shop at the likes of PC World, the information you are offered is generally along the lines of processor type, amount of ram, graphics card, amount of hard drive capacity. You have no idea who actually manufactured each component, and if you ask a sales person all you will get is a blank stare. Lets face it, off the shelf budget computers are going to be built with budget components.

With UKGC you get quality components and you know exactly what you are getting, and if you ask a question of one of their tech guys you get an informed and intelligent answer. These guys know their stuff! And all my questions were answered very promptly. Its clear that not only do these guys build great pc's, they also put customer service very high on their list of priorities.

Ordering on the UKGC website is a very simple process, I changed my mind on a couple of items after submitting my order and it was no problem for them to update my order, and I still had my pc delivered within their timescale.

When i ordered i was tempted to change the case to the Corsair 600t graphite in white as that is a very smart looking case, and i was concerned that the 6 fans on the Antec 1200 would be noisy. However i had overspent on my original budget so stuck with Antec 1200 and am very glad that i did. Its a beast to be sure, but a very appealing one. I had the green led lights fitted and it looks amazing with the blue fan lights that come as standard, very Matrix feel to it. I can hear the fans to be sure but they are really very quiet, and very very efficient at keeping the whole thing cooled. Its a very solid very well made case and i can see all the expensive goodies inside of it!

So, quality components, easy to order website, great customer service. How does the thing actually run? Fantastic, its amazing, super quick and great for gaming. My only reservation is that instead of 2 x 2tb hard drives, i should have gone for an SSD as the primary drive, but the seagate drives are pretty fast anyway, so maybe next time!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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