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Erebus - i7 Gaming PC
Erebus - i7 Gaming PC

This computer is by far the best computer I've ever had...

5 of 5 Stars!
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Erebus - i7 Gaming PC
by Matt Newton Date Added: Wednesday 28 September, 2011
Erebus - i7 Gaming PC
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I found UKGC early on in my shopping around phase, which lasted a few weeks, to find the best deal I could for the amount of money I was willing to pay.
After some deliberation, I threw myself at the mercy of UKGC and an upgraded Erebus i7 (namely GTX580 and 8Gb Vengeance RAM).
After using the online chat support a number of times, and having been dealt with in a very polite, helpful and professional way, I was happy and my questions had been answered. Order placed.
8 working days was about all I had to wait for the PC to arrive, even though I was on the 10 working days build time. Which was nice.
I'm an FSX fan, and I was not disappointed with how my new toy breezed through FSX, with every, and I mean every, detail slider maxed out.
Red Orchestra 2, which was one of the main reasons I bought a new PC, runs incredibly well with settings at Ultra.
Shogun 2 is another one, in fact the list could just go on and on.
Generally speaking, you get what you pay for in this game, with the odd exception. UKGC is one of those exceptions, but not because they use crappy components and flog the system at a slightly lower price than a rival, but because they offer an excellent service, using excellent components, at a very competitive price.
You can't beat that.
Highly recommended.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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