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Hemera - Custom Gaming PC
Hemera - Custom Gaming PC

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Hemera - Custom Gaming PC
by Julian Bennett Date Added: Saturday 01 March, 2014
Hemera - Custom Gaming PC
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I'm starting a qualification with work so my fiance asked "why don't I buy a PC"? OK I thought! I've had trouble with a Dell PC for my dad before (I had to dismantle most of it and put it back together - why bother buying prebuilt if you need to do this?). I didn't have the budget for a super PC (although I can only imagine that they are awesome!), and I like the reassurance of prebuilt that the parts will work and it should all be compatable.<br><br>I ordered the basic budget range Hemera and monitor (with the £10 case upgrade to add an extra blue fan - why not?) and am extremely happy. I got emails through the build/testing process (when there was a few days wait the emails clearly explained why and asked me to be patient - a two day wait between updates can feel like years when you are waiting for something! And even though I say this it did still arrive on time!).<br><br>This PC is well worth the price for a pre-built PC. I've not tried Crisis 3 (!) but I loaded the GRID 2 demo and it seemed to run smoothly on full settings, most other games I have tried (albeit a year or two old games) run fine on full settings, or just need the AA/antriscopic filtering lowering from the max 16x (which is a bit overkill anyway). <br><br>For the price this PC is very good. Of course more money will get something faster but not everyone can afford that! For a price not far off a PS4/XBONE this is the better option in my opinion.<br><br>The small touches also make the difference;<br><br>1) A sticker on the back of the PC to advise you to plug your monitor into the graphics card and not the motherboard (although I did anyway first time out of excitement to turn this thing on - opps!)<br><br>2) The CDs/setup guide/manuals etc all come in a really nice plastic wallet that to keep them together - they also seemed to be carefully filed in there (with the CD/manual for one device on the left and for a second on the right) - it wasn't all just thrown in which I would have expected from other companies. Small attention to detail like this makes me feel very confident in the product. <br><br>3) NO BLOATWARE!! I have bought 5 prebuilt PCs/netbooks before this one, either for me or my dad, and they have ALWAYS been full of bloatware (virus checkers/manufacturers games/software/other useless junk programmes) that either clog up the desktop/start menu or you need to spend several hours deleting. I was SO surprised to see this came with what I asked for - Windows 7 and ONLY Windows 7! A quick hop, skip and jump onto the interweb and I had my virus checker installed, CD popped in for Office to be installed then I could load up Steam and get going! Easy!<br><br>There is a strip sticker of "UK Gaming Computers" on the front of the cast near the top above the CD bays - this can probably come off if you want, but consider a Dell or HP would have their branding all over it, it is not really a big deal (and it is a nice quality sticker too!). <br><br>Only downside of the case is that the power buttons are on the top at the front of the case - good if just on the floor. <br>Bad if you have cats who jump on the case because <br>a) they are hungry and want attention and it is near you and <br>b) it is warm! and therefore stand on the power buttons!<br><br>I Highly recommend this PC and this company.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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