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Hermes - i7 Gaming PC
Hermes - i7 Gaming PC

Have only just started using it, but so far it works pe...

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Hermes - i7 Gaming PC
by Thomas Handcock Date Added: Sunday 17 October, 2010
Hermes - i7 Gaming PC
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I bought this PC around about 3 months ago now and its simply amazing. I bought it mainly for its gaming capabilities, an area it defiantly doesn't disappoint in. This rig can handle anything I throw at it on max graphics (with the exception of crysis but what pc can ? ) Recently I've been playing a lot of battlefield bad company 2, Bioshock 2 and Napoleon total war and they run flawless on max graphics, I've genuinely never had the frame rate drop low enough to notice, and even though I'm using an network card adapter to pick up wireless I still never have a high ping when i'm playing online and the signals always 100% even though i'm on a different floor to the router. The other thing i'd really like to stress is how fast the new i7 processor is. The 860 in this machine is simply amazing, especially if your playing a game like total war where you need to process giant maps and loads of models in detail.

Another thing to bring up is windows 7. I've heard a lot of mixed opinions, but I'd definitely say windows 7 is the best OS available. Unlike vista windows 7 doesn't rinse half of your RAM and slow games down. Other then that there aren't many differences from Vista, everything's been simplified and there are some new features that can come in handy. One I really like is the background slide show thing you can do now, having your background run through a list of pictures. Another pretty useful feature is the "compatibility mode" that lets you run applications on previous windows settings if they wont work on 7, especially useful if you want to play some retro games.

The last point to make is the computers looks...just wow. This thing looks amazing, I've got mine kitted out with a green lighting kit, and the Antec 902 case it comes standard with blue fan lights, it looks amazing, definitely one of the best looking cases on the market. This PC is great if your looking for a cheap all rounder. It can handle any game, its great for doing the usual home pc type things, watching movies, whatever you want it to do. And UK gaming PC's is a company that cares, I've never bought of a company that values its customer so much, so if your thinking of buying a high spec gaming computer, buy it from UKgaming computers =]

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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