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Hex - X6 Gaming PC
Hex - X6 Gaming PC

We bought the Hex-X6 PC for my son as his savings didn'...

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Hex - X6 Gaming PC
by Jonathan Taylor Date Added: Monday 22 July, 2013
Hex - X6 Gaming PC
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The HEX delivers impressively for its comparatively low price, and will chew up any game made presently or in the past couple of years on ultra/very high settings with ease, although it is not quite well equipped enough to run the most graphics-heavy games on highest settings without a drop in framerate.

It also has lightning fast processing power and memory, which makes average day-to-day tasks and usage refreshingly straightforward and stress free, which is accentuated by the Windows 8 OS on offer.

The case is well made and aesthetically pleasing, with plenty of ports available front and back. However, even with an upgraded fan, I found it to be a noisy machine.<br><br>The HEX is a fantastic computer, however I was less than impressed by the customer service UKGC gave, despite its good reputation. Staff were extremely helpful and patient by phone, however unfortunately that was not enough to plaster over some complaints. The initial problem was the machine I purchased being sent to the wrong address, despite me conducting a bank transfer to avoid that problem and having it confirmed by phone and email. Secondly, when I got the computer, it didn't work! Staff were unable to solve the issue by phone, and they then issued a recall. However, on recall, the customer is expected to return the machine by mail to UKGC's workshop at their own expense, despite the fault lying with the seller - obviously, transporting a heavy and expensive PC by post is extremely costly. I enlisted the help of a friend who worked with computers, and he managed to fix the relatively simple issue for me without much trouble. However, despite having had my order logged on UKGC's system for six months as not working and on recall, I have heard nothing from them to suggest they are concerned to make sure the machines they sell to customers actually work, let alone renew the warranty! I was also disappointed that the LED strip I paid for came detached from the inside of the machine after about a month's usage, and now dangles in the fan airflow.

Overall, I am very pleased with the HEX, and it fits both my daily computing and gaming needs. It is good value for money, powerful, well assembled and easy to use, and UKGC's site is also extremely clear and helpful. However, I was extremely disappointed by the customer service provided, despite the politeness of the staff via phone, and which made the process a lot more stressful than hoped. I get the impression from most reviews that I simply had a run of bad luck, but it has left a bad taste.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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