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Hydros - Water Cooled Gaming PC
Hydros - Water Cooled Gaming PC

Fantastic PC, I did customize nearly every option to wh...

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Hydros - Water Cooled Gaming PC
by Hilary Talbot Date Added: Thursday 29 December, 2016
Hydros - Water Cooled Gaming PC
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I don't really have the time to spare to build my own custom PC so I decided that getting someone else to do it was the next best thing. I looked at a number of different companies and to be honest there seem to be some good choices out there, but I went with UKGC in the end because they seemed to offer the particular build options I was looking for and the online ordering interface seemed a little more clear and helpful.
I am very pleased with the results. Since I work on Macs the PC is purely for gaming -- Battlefield 1 to be exact -- which it runs on ultra settings driving a 144MHz monitor which rarely drops below 100 frames per second. The point I want to make here is that the PC itself never gets hot, or even warm come to that, which I find quite surprising (this is especially pleasing to me since my last PC actually contributed to the heating of my room until the day the gpu exploded).
I am guessing this is a testament to the thoughtfulness that goes into the case layout and fan placement during the build process -- this is the kind of thing that can make all the difference.
The only real problem I faced was during the unpacking process where the rather robust foam inserts had to be removed from inside the case where they were supporting the water-cooling reservoir -- I was uncomfortable doing this as with this as I was not sure how much force I could exert without breaking anything. Nevertheless, they were there for a reason and I did manage to remove them without breaking anything.
Set-up was easy and most of the difficulties I encountered were to do with the 'cleverness' of Windows 10 rather than anything hardware related. The Warranty activation seemed complicated but actually wasn’t.

So overall… I am very pleased with this purchase. I would happily use UKGC again.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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