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Morpheus - i5 Custom Gaming PC
Morpheus - i5 Custom Gaming PC

This review was not solicited - I was so happy with the...

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Morpheus - i5 Custom Gaming PC
by Simon Barber Date Added: Wednesday 20 January, 2016
Morpheus - i5 Custom Gaming PC
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So, <br>It was about a year ago I lost my brother. He was always meeting with family and doing well at work when all of a sudden he stopped showing up. His girlfriend confided in me that she thought he was having an affair as she wasn't getting any attention and his boss replaced him. Thinking my brother had been sold to medical science, I donned a bio suit and ventured into his house. The curtains were drawn and the lights were off and judging by the smell, badgers had moved in some time ago. In the far corner I saw movement and light. I looked closer and what looked like Tom hanks' character I'm castaway was sat at a computer. I was about to phone the police when I realized it was my brothe! I unleashed a torrent of questions at him and all his response was "site down", and he sat me in front of his pc. He said he'd purchased a Scout from UKGC and after a quick play understood why he'd become an unsociable hermit. I was hooked and needed this in my life!<br>12 months down the line and I had money for my own toy. Not enough for a Scout but this Morpheus looked good. I ordered it and was instantly checking my phone at work whilst receiving updates on every step. Meanwhile I was scurrying around getting a station together. I then received a message saying she was being tested and I knew that somewhere, there was a little black box that had hummed to life and she was for me. <br>Finally, she arrived at mine and I was like a child in the sweet shop. I was all giddy and about to power her up when I read a notice saying STOP! You must wait 1 hour! Bah! Eventually, I fired her up and was instantly good to go. MY GOD DOES THIS THING POWER UP QUICK! I don't even have an ssd in it and its quick! <br>After sorting protection, I installed fallout 4 when a message popped up suggesting I use ultra settings! Whoop!<br>I have since quite my job and my house, I'm hiding in my dad's shed where I can dedicate my life to my machine. <br>For those who are interested, it'll run Arma 3 very well, ark looks great and whilst day z is still in alpha, you'll need to adjust a few settings to get a good experience in the citys. But this is down to the game and once it's moves through beta and becomes optimized, it'll perform a lot better. <br><br>Buy this machine, ukgc know what they're doing and this is a wonderful bit of kit. <br>Join me and my brother as PC hermits!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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