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Scout - i5 Gaming Computer
Scout - i5 Gaming Computer

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Scout - i5 Gaming Computer
by Nicholas Hagon Date Added: Thursday 31 January, 2013
Scout - i5 Gaming Computer
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The reason I have rated this computer as I have, is because it is a great all rounder at almost anything, but is not that good at high spec gaming. As the grapics card is not powerfull enough to maintain a good 80fps at high resolutions, which is why I am going to add a second graphics card later on, possibly another 660, or a 670, 680 or a 690 to go with it; this I strongly recomended for high spec gaming, e.g. 'Shogun'. Although saying this I can run the game Minecraft at a constant 340fps with the optifine mod (modification) installed with all options at full, except the render distance which is at 'far'. However with the 'Razer Game Booster' it does boost my fps by a good 200fps when playing minecraft; when you have the 'Razer Game Booster' with 'Shogun' it only boosts the fps by 30. Anyway moving on; the mother board has a handy feature that allows you to put it one of three modes 'Power Saver', 'Normal' and High Performance, which is handy for the different uses I need for each day e.g. Watching a Movie (Powersaver), Sorting out files mainly copying and pasteing (Normal) and Playing 'Normal' and 'High Spec' games (High Performance). The 'Processor' has so far been a gem, as it does things very quickly, e.g. installing windows updates, it did 8 of them in under 40 seconds. It is also so fast at loading other things like shogun. I do highly recommend that you change the 'Stock heatsink and fan' to something more capable of coolling the processor, as when you overclock as it does overheat a bit (67 centigrade for the win :D). The case does need to be changed to something with a bit more space inside of it to do improvements in the future. Over all a great pc standing up to all that I throw at it, (exept overclocking).

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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