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Scout - i5 Gaming Computer
Scout - i5 Gaming Computer

Brought this for my sons gaming to replace a 4-year on ...

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Scout - i5 Gaming Computer
by Dan Thompson Date Added: Thursday 14 February, 2013
Scout - i5 Gaming Computer
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After taking some time out of playing Guild Wars 2 for no other reason than my current PC not being able to cut the the mustard I decided it was time to invest in a machine capable of running the game to the standards to which the developers had intended. Now I will admit that after many years of not following the technical advances in PC's I had no idea what was needed to achieve this or how much it would cost me!

So whats the first thing most people will do? Well for me it was to type "gaming computers" into Google to see what results it returned. At the top of the results were these guys. After looking around the site I still had no clue what I needed or wanted. Was time for more research! Luckily at the time a PC magazine had a review of CPU's and GPU's and all the relevant information I needed to help me. Ok, so now I have an idea of what is needed. Just need to weigh up my options of where to get it from at a competitive price.

So, I returned to UK Gaming Computers website and looked at the i5 PC's. I could clearly see that the "Scout" ticked most of my boxes, albeit with less RAM than I required. I thought at this point it would be a good idea to contact UKGC via telephone to see if I could push my luck and see if there was any room for improvement on price. I was not surprised when I was told, in the most polite way might I add, to sod off!

It was at this point that I looked around to see what other companies had to offer and at what cost. But all this was just a waste of my time as no one could compare to UKGC on price, especially when supplying their customers with such quality parts. So my mind was made up. Time to spend my hard earned green queens on the "Scout" from UKGC.

When choosing my options I chose to upgrade the RAM to 8GB of corsair XMS3 (of which they kindly upgraded to Vengeance) and change the GPU to a Radeon HD 7870. I would of course of liked to upgrade it a fraction more, but like most people don't have an endless supply of money. As others have stated UKGC keep you informed every step of the way during the period of start to finish. I would of like to have seen one more notification during this time and that is from the moment the components arrive to the completion of the build. My own personal thought is that it would have been nice to see a notification as to when the build had started.

As time went on, I got increasingly more excited, and worried that my PC would not be ready in the 5-10 day lead time specified on this site. But my fears were unjustified as it was built and stress tested in exactly 10 days. So all I had to do now was arrange delivery of the new machine. Arranging delivery with UKGC is a stress free task when you can specify what day you want your new rig delivered and having mine delivered on a Friday meant I had all weekend to play!

When the PC arrived on the Friday it was packaged extremely well with the power cord separate to the rest of the machine to prevent any scratches to the case. Also included in the box was a blue plastic folder with all the relevant discs and instructions to get the PC up and running. Everything was going well until I saw the "Please leave your PC to stand for 1 hour" notice. This is due to any condensation that may have built up when being stored in the couriers warehouse or transported in their van. Obviously this was a real kick in the nuts as I was so damn excited to get my new PC up and running, but I prevailed, you know what they say, "all good things come to those who wait". And they certainly did!

Other observations are that the while this PC is not the quietest I have heard, it is by no means obtrusive. The case is pure quality and looks awesome complete with its 200mm red LED fan at the front. Also with four of its USB ports and power switch at the top of the case, these are all easily accessible which makes a change to some of the previous PC's I have owned. I must say i'm very happy with this CM Storm Enforcer case.

As of to date, this PC has run everything I required it to and more. The main reason for this purchase as stated above was to be able to play Guild Wars 2 again. With the "Scout" this has been achieved. I am comfortably getting on average 70-80 FPS and at worst, 40 FPS with highs of over 100 FPS. Of course this system wont run everything as comfortably, like the upcoming Crysis 3 for example with its default equipment, but then for a PC of this budget, would you really expect it to?

Overall, its been an absolute joy to deal with UK Gaming Computers and I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone. They supply quality parts in their systems and at the lowest prices I've seen and to top it off with a 3 year warranty. That takes some beating in my eyes. So If I haven't bored you to death, then go, go now and order your next dream machine from UKGC!


Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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