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Scout - i5 Gaming Computer
Scout - i5 Gaming Computer

Very good computer, runs very well on mostly max settin...

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Scout - i5 Gaming Computer
by Linda Nellist Date Added: Saturday 25 January, 2014
Scout - i5 Gaming Computer
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Delivery-<br><br>Firstly, I would like to thank UKGC's customer service as they were fab during the courier troubles. When the monitor was delivered first, I expected the tower to come soon but as the night got late, I began to panic and since I already signed, expected UKGC to make me deal with the problem alone- oh, but I was wrong! A quick call calmed the situation and they contacted the courier for me to find that he 'forgot' to pick it up. Sheesh. But at least I was assured it would come the next day, so I took another day off. Sadly, it did not come, as another error was made. Third time was lucky and although I was told it'd be a morning delivery, it came around 2pm but it was worth the wait. As I said, UKGC was professional and a pleasure to deal with during this, so bravo!<br><br>Packaging-<br>The monitor came in a sturdy box with no marks. The tower's box however looked a little beaten and ripped but opening it showed that it was safely tucked away in foam. Insides the box was everything I need- DVDs, books and information sheets. Although everything was already installed (much to my surprise), it's nice having these lying around and the information on the sheets are perfectly concise so even a tech newby can set up their PC.<br><br>Case-<br>Larger than I expected but definitely not an issue. The entire front is made up of bays which were a little kicked in and skewed somehow but there was no real damage. All I had to do was remove the bays and align them easily- I presume this was the courier's fault as I highly doubt it would leave the workshop in this condition. The case has a nice mesh design for optimum air flow and a huge window to see everything inside. I was held in awe the first time I powered this baby up and stared at all the pieces inside. The wires are all very neat and won't be obstructing any air.<br><br>Gaming-<br>This is what I purchased the PC for and was blown away. The GTX660 is rather 'light' in the graphics department these days and since I had to buy a monitor, there was no room in the budget to upgrade. Frankly, it exceeded my expectations- the 660 is a solid beast that runs Skyrim on ultra high with HD mods, Metro: Last Light on high, and with a custom config, I'm able to get 200+ FPS in Team Fortress 2 (works great in the highest settings but in a competitive first player shooter, I go for Frames Per Second over graphics). If you have room to upgrade, I suggest a higher GPU, but if not, don't sweat it! This baby is perfectly capable of modern gaming and will be for a long time to come!<br><br>Aside from gaming, as a PC in general, it is quiet and boots up extremely fast- so fast that Steam goes into offline mode before I can even connect to WiFi! Games load up in a matter of seconds too, when it would take up to a minute or more on my laptop. <br><br>That's all I have to say so I'll summarise. UKGC have phenomenal customer service and will take great care of you! You'll always be at ease and reassured that you can ask as many questions as you'd like with no bother. They keep you up to date with each stage of the building process, use top quality and known brands and build their PCs with passion. I am recommending this company to all of my friends who are getting into PC gaming and will be happily dealing with UKGC in the future.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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