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Scout - i5 Gaming Computer
Scout - i5 Gaming Computer

Brought this for my sons gaming to replace a 4-year on ...

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Scout - i5 Gaming Computer
by Andy Barber Date Added: Monday 26 January, 2015
Scout - i5 Gaming Computer
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UKGC, you have ruined my life. To explain why i must tell you what my life was like before i received my Scout.<br><br>It was a life full of love, laughter, social acceptance and success. My Girlfriend and i would spend evenings cuddled up on the sofa, weekends going for long walks. I was heading for a promotion at work. My friends and i would meet up regularly. oh we were so close back then.<br><br>But then i ordered the Scout from UKGC. I had the processor overclocked to 4GHz, a GTX 970 video card installed along with an SSD. The results have changed my life forever. <br><br>The machine is so good that i haven't left my chair for anything less important than the toilet or basic sustenance in many, many days. When my scout arrived my face was clean shaven, in fact i looked very smart and professional. Now i look like i have been living in the wilderness for a considerable amount of time, and their is a smell coming from me which i am simply unable to describe. <br><br>Being able to play any game i have come across on ultra means that i haven't spoken to my Girlfriend in about a week. I'm not even certain she is still here. I think she mentioned something about moving to her mothers at some point over the weekend.<br><br>My friends assume i have left the country as they haven't seen or heard from me in a very long time. <br><br>My boss saw rapid deterioration in my quality of work, which means i have gone from "young go getter" to "get him out of here". Even my cat gives my a look of sheer disgust whenever i look at him.<br><br>UKGC, i am blaming this all on you. Your website is so user friendly, your service is so outstanding and your prices are so reasonable, it was a trap waiting to happen. <br><br>Damn you all.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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