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Scout - i5 Gaming Computer
Scout - i5 Gaming Computer

Excellent PC and can play games on max settings. Would ...

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Scout - i5 Gaming Computer
by Martin Rmoutil Date Added: Monday 23 March, 2015
Scout - i5 Gaming Computer
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Short version: Excellent service, excellent computer. I am completely satisfied.<br><br>Long version: It is very hard for me to imagine what they could possibly have done to make me more happy. Everything was completely smooth from the moment I started considering buying a new gaming PC from UKGC up until right now when I have already been enjoying my new machine for almost four weeks. I even discussed my choice of PC over the online chat UKGC provides. Worth mentioning is also excellent online system which keeps you informed which stage is your order currently in, as well as very good delivery service they use. And, most importantly, the price of my PC is pretty much equal to the sum of prices of the components used (I checked). In other words, if you buy the components and build the computer yourself, you will maybe have more fun, but you won't save money.<br><br>It is useless to point out that the computer is built of really quality components as you can read that for yourself in the specs. Rather, I should mention the quality of the build. When the computer arrived, I first had to open the case to remove a small bag of foam which was therein to fix the GPU in place, protecting it from shocks. Therefore I was able to see the immaculate job they did inside (I should mention that I picked a different case for my PC - the excellent Black Pearl, which however has no transparent parts). Although there are not that many components in this PC, I could tell by the organization of cables and other little details that it was built by professionals. <br><br>Next, I turned the PC on. As expected, everything was all right, except, perhaps, the fact that the default profile in my W7 was Administrator, which I thought was really strange (but I easily changed that, of course). I am really satisfied with the performance of this PC in games. I play mainly SC2 which is actually not much of a benchmark, but I also tested it out on more demanding titles and the PC was doing very well on my 1080p screen. Of course, this depends mainly on the choice of GPU; my point is that GTX 960 should be more than sufficient for most 1080p gaming (as you can read in most reviews of this GPU). It really depends on what you expect from your PC: If you want/need even more performance, you have to be prepared to pay more money, simple as that.<br><br>I should stop now to not bore you too much by listing all the little things I enjoy about my new computer. To conclude, based on my personal experience with both UKGC and this PC, I would 100% recommend this deal to everybody.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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