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Themis - i7 X99 Gaming PC
Themis - i7 X99 Gaming PC

The UKGC staff were very helpful and responsive to emai...

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Themis - i7 X99 Gaming PC
by Susanna Saunders Date Added: Thursday 26 May, 2016
Themis - i7 X99 Gaming PC
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The system I bought was a (much) upgraded version of UKGCs Themis model, to be used mostly as a gaming PC with a view to being VR ready.

I chose UKGC because of their (very promoted!) customer satisfaction rating. My perception was that they would take greater care in the build quality and this should result in a better system upon delivery.

I am very happy with the PC build as delivered, including the packaging, which was up to the job. All drive cables were included in a draw string bag along with a document folder with all the component manuals present. And also a Win 10 install CD although I don't know whether this will actually rescue a dead system if the Samsung M.2 drive gets fried and needs to be replaced.

The PC was ready well within the estimated time scale. I was niggled over the chosen courier who failed to send me the consignment number (I had to chase UKGC for this) and then failed to deliver on the estimated delivery day, which resulted in me wasting a days holiday to be home to receive it. The PC was delivered on the next day, after I had the shipment delivery address changed. I was not amused with the hassle sorting this out, nor the run around as a result!

Once unpacked, the PC worked as it should do, straight out of the box when connected to an Eizo monitor (1900x200 res at 60Hz), although I have had difficulties connecting it to my LG 31MU97Z 4K monitor despite the GTX 980 Ti GPU in the PC (it will run using a HDMI lead [UHD res at 30Hz] but not using the LG [Real 4K/2K] DisplayPort lead that I was running at full DCI 4K at 60Hz on my old system (with a much lower spec CPU & GPU). This I hope to resolve if I find time this weekend but this is no issue of UKGC's and I am sure it is something I am not doing right with the monitor rather than the PC itself.

No CPU/GPU temperature and fan monitoring software was included or indeed even mentioned although one is provided on a separate CD. This would have been a nice touch. After downloading an app, the PC CPU runs at a around 65-70C with moderate overclocking while playing Elite Dangerous (but the system isn't being pushed and neither is the CPU).

The PC is certainly quiet though! I can hardly tell that it is on - and lives up to being whisper quiet! Under the desk and I don't notice it at all!

I have been pleased with my PC build. Was it worth the £2,000 cost? Probably - I'll let you know once its been properly road tested :)

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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