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Thor - Extreme SLI Gaming PC
Thor - Extreme SLI Gaming PC

Really great PC, makes quite alot of noise especially w...

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Thor - Extreme SLI Gaming PC
by Gareth Gleadall Date Added: Tuesday 25 September, 2012
Thor - Extreme SLI Gaming PC
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Where does one even start?
First off if you're reading this to know if there is anything negative, I have to say it would be that the price didn't involve the Windows 7 until I realised before I finished my order, and thus corrected it; that's all the criticism I could think of honestly.

The positives I have for UKGC however is quite different:

- Very responsive and good communication in each step of your computer's stage of construction.

- The "leveling"/"Rating" they give for the attributes of their computers (upgrades, processing, gaming) seem to be fairly honest.

- Their choice of courier is great and when you say you want it delivered you will get it delivered on that day.

- When you receive your computer you will find documents and little slips of info here and there to guide you on setting it up; the info it provides is fairly simple and straight forward so for people who aren't tech-savvy will not have to worry.

As for the computer itself I can't honestly describe the intensity and prowess of it.
The moment I un-boxed it to get a good look at the monster I couldn't help but smile like a giddy child.
Once it was set up and running I still remained just as giddy and almost laughing that my computer booted up so fast it didn't even give the Windows 7 logo time to show up, I was already on my desktop and installing what I needed.
The computer itself was pretty much the Thor default selection of hardware so for one who is interested in buying the Thor as it is without adding extra goodies, then I can tell you that if you intend to play games on it, you will not be disappointed.
All the games I have thrown at it (including some modded to require more graphical and processing input) have been chewed up and spat out on my monitor screen with smooth FPS with not a single drop.<br><br>Examples of games:
- Crysis (+Extreme Immersion Mod)
- Skyrim (+Countless graphics improvement mods from the Steam Workshop)
- Borderlands 2

I could go on but I'll just say in summary that I don't regret buying from here and will no doubt refer to friends and family whenever they wish to look into purchasing a computer.
On a final note though, if anyone purchases the default casing (Antec 1200) I highly suggest that you look up it's size and dimensions. I wasn't kidding when I said it was a monster of a PC.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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