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Tornado - Gaming Desktop PC
Tornado - Gaming Desktop PC

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Tornado - Gaming Desktop PC
by Jonathan Park Date Added: Wednesday 17 August, 2011
Tornado - Gaming Desktop PC
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I recently (July 2011) purchased a Tornado gaming desktop. The desktop itself is a good size and the case is aesthetically pleasing but more importantly quite robust with suitable ventilation. All components and wires within the case are fitted (and spaced) neatly and tidily. It is a very, very tidy set-up inside.

I had it loaded with one piece of software - Windows 7 64bit SP1 - and nothing else. I would recommend getting an internet security program. UKGC do offer this service but, I had already decided on my choice of internet security and it was neither Norton or McAfee. I opted for ESET Smart Security 4. The desktop boots up in a matter of seconds and is ready for use immediately. No fuss. No waiting. And this is after I installed a few programs of my own. But I do run a minimal start-up.

I have yet to really test the system out with a monster high spec video game, but to date it has ran every game I have asked of it without a single skip in frame-rate or a lowering of settings. Windows 7 has offered a few compatability problems with older games, but this is to be expected and is relatively simple to resolve via a search engine. I used Google. This is a software (namely Microsoft) issue. Hardware wise the Tornado does everything asked of it, and perhaps even punches above its weight in terms of performance.

I bought all of my peripherals seperately (it was more cost effective) so I cannot comment on those offered by UKGC.

I did opt for a few upgrades and modifications. I have an Arctic Freezer 7 processor cooler, a Noctua quiet case fan and the UKGC Anti-Vibration System for hard drive dampening. I cannot comment on a before and after. But what I have is an extremely quiet system that runs at cool temperatures. I cannot stress just how quiet it is. You can have it running in the dead of night and you still need to put your ear right up to the case to hear that there is in fact a fan in motion within. That is one of my favorite features. No irritating distractions. No complaints about how late it is and to turn the computer off.

The customer service at UKGC is second to none. I experienced two major hiccups in the delivery and in both instances it was extremely easy to get into contact with Daman (Senior Engineer and Webmaster) to discuss what had went wrong and how to remedy the situation. In the first instance I had to return the Tornado due to a fault with the motherboard (first time turning it on) that saw it require replacement. I placed the Tornado in its original packaging, re-addressed it and had Parcel Force take care of the collection and the delivery. I did have to pay for this, though. UKGC took care of the return costs. The UKGC Standard 3 Year Warrenty covers all parts and labour costs so I did not have to pay any further fees. The second instace saw a long and detailed phone call where Daman walked me through how to remove the processor cooler so to reposition a chip that had came loose in transit, and then fix the fan back into position. The parcel had clearly been mishandled in transit as the processor cooler had came loose, which in turn pulled a chip out of place. Nothing was broken this time, thankfully. But it did (as in the first instance) leave the desktop unable to boot up and work as it should. After a little bit of D.I.Y. everything was up and running. It was akin to lining things back up and securing a few screws.

That experience could have been so very different if not for the customer service, patience and personable nature of Daman. It may be difficult to believe but, the hardware nor the craftsmanship were to blame for what took place. And that is why I perservered with the process and the cost rather than pursue the route of a refund (which I was more than entitled to) and taking my business elsewhere. What I have now is a gaming computer that I could not have achieved on my own, as I do not pocess the skill or the knowledge required to build a computer. Nor could I have got this same grade of computer for anywhere near the same cost from a high street store. These supposed computer specialists found on major high streets simply do not offer the same quality components that are found within a UKGC system. Not to mention the amount of unnecessary (and often unwanted) software pre-loaded onto their systems that are also running with constant noise while generating enough heat to give a good bronzing.

It is when things go wrong where you see true colours come to the fore. And UKGC excelled under such circumstances. The chances of such problems occuring on your potential purchase or even on any of my future purhcases are slim. But to know that UKGC are genuine and that they have your back when things do go wrong is a quality that should not be baulked at.

I whole-heartedly recommened UKGC. While remaining cautions of delivery companies.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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