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Tornado - Gaming Desktop PC
Tornado - Gaming Desktop PC

I bought this PC last year and I have to say it's the b...

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Tornado - Gaming Desktop PC
by Robert Tonge Date Added: Thursday 13 October, 2016
Tornado - Gaming Desktop PC
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I've always been a gamer...well at least as long as I can remember. My go to game fix was always consoles right up until the birth of broadband internet. I managed to get my hands on a basic gaming PC which in those days wasn't that hard. At that point my mind was changed and PC gaming pretty much took over everything. With the birth of my children my gaming fix had to subside a little and inevitably took my interest back to console. For the best part of 10 years I've gone back and forth from console to PC but my PC was mainly used for music production and nothing more.

Well my kids are older and a lot less dependent, to be honest they both have their own consoles now. This mean I could once again go back to PC and enjoy what it has to offer. I got a little out of touch but the difference between what PC's can do now to what they were doing years ago is amazing. So I got on the hunt and got to grips with whats out there, that is when I came across UK Gaming Computers.

As I mentioned I have kids so forking out for a decent machine is a fair wedge so the pay4later option was absolutely brilliant. I got to choosing and it is so tempting to add more and more and more but before I knew it I was spending a fortune, there was no way I would have got that much passed the Board of Financial Controllers (wife) so I had to choose sensibly. I did some research and finally chose my PC and it's components, placed the order and went through the process.

From the minute I placed my order I was excited!! probably a little too excited because I was checking the status of my order every hour! I had to have a word with myself to calm down and let the experts get on with it. Every step of the way I was informed about the progress of my PC, 1 tip though check your spam folder for emails as mine went there initially. I was informed of every change in the process when finally my dispatch day came round. I chose my delivery day and waited excitedly.

The day after I got a knock at door and swung the door open and it was the delivery driver, he was carrying the box that contained my future time consumer, I gladly took it from him carefully checking the box for damge etc as advised and I open it up. The only thing that was missing was a chorus of angels and a bright light (but I had that effect in my head) everything in the box is all you need, all the leaflets from the components, advise sliips and instructions. The PC was built and it was awesome, it was tidy, clean and looked amazing when I vbooted it up.

Needless to say I am so happy with my UKGC purchase, it taught me that we live in a world of fast deliveries and impatiences, when all said and done I waited and it was worth it, just around 2 weeks from my order I received what was to be be my future in gaming. I will go back to UKGC if and when I want to upgrade, and to be honest you should too.

Many thanks UKGC I'm a happy man

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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