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Atlas - Pre Built i7 Gaming Computer
Atlas - Pre Built i7 Gaming Computer

When I was looking at this PC and read the reviews, I d...

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Watercooled PCs

Using water to cool your PC is the Holy Grail of computer cooling and is the ultimate service a system builder can offer - it separates the men from the boys. Water is over 700 times more dense and can absorb heat 23 times faster than air. Not only is watercooling efficient but is also quiet in operation and looks amazing!

Our watercooled range feature high end Intel CPU's, chilled by the very best, XSPC watercooling components. Other parts comprise of the latest technology at the forefront of high end computers ensuring maximum performance using the very best brands possible.

Our watercooled range is not to be confused with the "all in one watercooolers/closed loop" such as the Corsair H60, H80, H100 and the other models manufacturers offer, these systems hold far more coolant, have much higher flow rates, contain full size radiators, have proper water blocks and ultimately get rid of heat much more efficiently. Unlike other manufactures of watercooled PCs we don't hide behind "house brands" or unbranded watercooled components either so you can be safe in the knowledge that your water cooling loop is not going to spring a leak the day after your warranty runs out!

All of our watercooled range are heavily modified with UV Reactive and coloured water, lighting kits, extra case fans, anti kink coils, coloured tubing and can be customised exactly to your tastes.

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Created to be the fastest consumer PC in the world by the UK's best gaming PC builder, Skynet has become self aware and is se...
Kraken - Watercooled Custom Gaming PC

Kraken - Watercooled Custom Gaming PC
The Kraken is a powerful socket 2011-V3 based water cooled gaming system that allows for extensive upgrades to tailor to your...
Triton - Watercooled Gaming Computer

Triton - Watercooled Gaming Computer
The Triton watercooled gaming computer is our fully watercooled Intel i7 Kaby Lake Machine. The Triton is powered by a powerf...
Poseidon - Watercooled Gaming PC

Poseidon - Watercooled Gaming PC
Named after the Greek God, King of the Sea, the Poseidon is an Extreme Watercooled Gaming PC. This King of the Sea features c...
Hydros - Water Cooled Gaming PC

Hydros - Water Cooled Gaming PC
There is no better way to keep a high end gaming PC cool and quiet other than to cool it with water! Named after the primordi...
Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 products) Result Pages:  1