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Windows 7 by UK Gaming Computers

Windows 7 operating system

Computers have always been a trusty resource to help simplify everything that people do. This advantage is brought about by the different components found in each PC like the processor, RAM and operating system (OS). Microsoft Windows has been known to dominate the OS of personal computers over the years with its line up of versions that have helped so many computer users. And now, with the inception of Windows 7, which is slated to be introduced on the 22nd of October, your desktops or laptops can experience yet another string of features that you will surely enjoy and find useful at the same time.

So what is in store for computer users when they shifted to this breakthrough?

1. Built-in multi-tasking assistant.

Dealing with multiple files could take a toll on anyone especially if he or she is dealing with more than one important file. With Windows 7’s feature that includes a new and improved taskbar previews and Jump Lists, or a list of different files like documents, music and pictures that you use every day, you can better manage and rummage through everyday files.

2. Enhanced Media Center.

The media center that goes with this version has also been modified to support global TV and radio standards that are in high definition (HD) or digital versions. Moreover, it supports world- renowned video and audio formats--- like AAC, 3GP, AVCHD, MOV, DivX and Xvid--- so you are guaranteed to enjoy crystal-clear sounds and true-to-life images. Gone are those days when you have to browse through massive TV listings and music libraries as well because you can easily find the songs and programs that you want through their Turbo Scroll list. Hence, you can save yourself from all the waiting before you could enjoy your favorite pastime.

3. Touch Control Feature.

Just like your favorite iPhone and iPod, you can now enjoy navigating your computer screens with your fingertips. When this Window version is attached to any touch-screen PC, you can easily browse through your files, albums and music folders without the use of the mouse. Windows 7 has also changed the way of one-finger touch technology through its multi-touch capability. Yes, you can use two or all fingers to perform specific functions such as zooming in/ out and opening files.

4. Faster and more convenient home networking.

With this amazing software, you can take sharing printers and files out of your worry list because its HomeGroup feature can automatically and easily share media and document files to anyone at home.. This is made possible through the “Share with” menu that could send files from one computer to another without a sweat. And if you’re worried about your privacy, you might want to hold that thought because HomeGroup offers you total control of your turf through its password-protect feature. Hence, you can decide what is to be shared or not. Or, you could also put the files in a “read-only” mode so that you are assured that no one could touch your stuff.

5. Improved performance.

Major enhancements are made to the following features to perk up your PC’s performance: Sleep feature, which can now turn your PC into sleep mode then resume or connect it back to any wireless network without the wait; Search function, which could give search results in a blink of an eye; USB devices port, which are now designed to cut the long wait when reading USB files; and the automatic disabling feature of other background services, like Bluetooth, that can sap out the PC speed.

6. Presence of 64-bit support.

Windows 7 possesses both 32-bit and 64-bit software that could hold enormous amounts of data and information but still assure a more responsive PC even when running several programs at the same time.

7. More efficient power management.

Window 7 has been engineered to disable any background services and activities, thus, making you save on battery use. It also includes other ground-breaking qualities like less power-demanding DVD function and automatic dimming of screens and shut-off of inactive ports. You can also see a battery-life indicator that could give you a more accurate and clearer idea of the PC or laptop’s power.

8. Easier wireless connection.

Connecting to wireless networks is now made a cinch through Window 7’s easy to view and connect to network feature. Wherever you go, you can always check available networks for wired or wireless options--- like WiFi, corporate VPN, dial-up and mobile broadband--- with just a click on the network icon located on the task bar. And with just another click, you can enjoy internet or mobile surfing.

9. More and better ways to personalize your PCs.

With Windows new technology, you can also express yourself by personalizing those desktops. This latest version of Microsoft offer a unique desktop created by Aero and provides a vast selection of Aero themes ---which colors, designs and screensaver you can change--- depending on every occasion or your very mood.

10. More state-of-the-art media streaming.

Have you ever wanted to share some photos and files from your computer while you are in the office or at a coffee shop with friends? Now, this is made possible through Window’s latest software so you can share photos from your previous vacation, music that you have recently downloaded and games that you’ve raving about even if you are miles apart from your PC’s. With this feature, you are also guaranteed to save time from copying files to your PC’s or money from buying supplementary storage devices.

Before getting this amazing and latest edition from Windows, you need to choose first from the different versions that Window 7 offers. Each comes with system requirements so you need to be particular with those if you want to get the one which is most compatible to your PC. After making a choice, you can test run this edition to your desktops with Window 7 Upgrade Advisor. And lastly, transition from your current operating system to Window 7 may or may not be smooth depending on your present OS. Hence, you need to check with your local computer service provider first before you can upgrade your computer.

UK Gaming Computers will be embracing Windows 7 come its release date so you will be able to add this fantastic new operating system to your new state of the art custom gaming PC. From what we have tested so far, it will be as big as what Windows 95 was.