SFX Case

A SFX Case is unique to our SFX systems. Like ATX (normal size), MATX (Slightly smaller than normal) and MITX (Mini) SFX is its own standard. It is exactly the same as the Mini ITX standard other than it makes use of a SFX sized PSU which are smaller than a normal ATX size PSU normally found in ATX, MATX and MITX builds. The result is proper desktop hardware in the smallest possible form factor.  

An often neglected part of building a computer is the case. Its the part that defines the look of your custom build PC, holds all the components in their place and importantly is responsible for a large chunk of getting rid of the stuff that kills computer parts - heat! Here at UK Gaming computers, we only use the best cases out there, which is unlike a lot of our competitors who use cheap substandard cases as its a very common corner cutting trait. Who wants their £1000 PC in a £20 case? When choosing a case, we recommend you pick the best one that you can afford, as it is one of the parts that you will probably reuse upgrade after upgrade.

Each case from our SFX Mini case range has been extensively tested to ensure they are capable of supporting all the possible options for each build in a SFX Mini ITX system so whatever case you choose from our line up you can be confident it is more than up to the job.

It is also worth noting that because we are not tied to a specific brand/supplier we can provide you with exactly the case you wish. If you have seen something and want to incorporate it into your build or want to know what we think of it then please do feel free to get in contact with us.