Motherboard - 12th & 14th Generation Intel

The motherboard is responsible for controlling everything in a computer. A high quality motherboard is the foundation of building a good PC as essentially every other component plugs into it, start off with something below par and your CPU, RAM, graphics card and other devices will bottleneck and you will find you will not be getting full performance.

Each motherboard we use in our computers are all of the upmost highest quality to ensure not only is it suitable for the rest of the system but actually exceeds that threshold so that it will support future upgrades. We regularly test what is available on the market to make sure what we choose is the right choice for your PC the result is not only a great foundation for a PC but gives superb performance, lastability and are future proof for upgrades later down the line.

The most important thing when choosing a motherboard is what socket type it uses and what CPUs it supports as certain boards will only support certain processor technologies (EG an Intel based motherboard will only support a certain generation of Intel CPU and an AMD based motherboard will only support a certain generation of AMD CPU). Of course we have already taken the guess work out of choosing a motherboard, the default choice is what is appropriate and compatible to support the rest of the system and the rest of the options available to you are all compatible. If you are upgrading, then look out for how much RAM it will support, how many expansion slots it has, what rear ports it has and any integrated features such as a wireless card or fancy sound card.