Case Fans

Standard computer case fans can, well....a bit on the bland side. Spice them up and enhance the visuals of your custom PC or quieten them down! Not only are they great looking but even the LED fans are often quieter than stock fans and flow more air, perfect for overclocked and fancy looking machines. Unlike most LED fans on the market our range actually move air and are nice and bright!

You can also find a selection of quiet fans here. If you are looking at customising a system to be as quiet as possible then check out the dB rating of our Quiet fans.

A good guide for choosing the amount of fans is that the more fans there are the less work each fan has to do to move the same amount of air and thus the quieter they will be. This often results in customers maxing out the amount of fans a case will accommodate. Please check how many fans you need for your case.

RGB = 1 Colour at any one time - Choose these if you are looking to add say Blue, Red, Green, Purple, orange etc fans to a build.
ARGB = Any individual LED any colour at any one time - Choose these if you are looking for "rainbow" like LEDS or fans that display effects and patterns in adition to the funtion of RGB fans.
Silent/Quiet = Quieter than normal fans - Choose these to reduce the noise levels of a system

Bt default a case will come with the number of fans shown in the case more info button. If you only want certain fans replaced or additional fans added, please select the number you require and specify exactly which fans you want changed/added during the checkout process in the "Add Comments About Your Order" box otherwise we will make the best decision for your PC.