Selecting the right case is a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of assembling a computer. It's not just the shell that gives your custom-built PC its distinctive appearance; it also secures all the components and plays a vital role in dissipating the very thing that can shorten the lifespan of computer parts, heat. At UK Gaming Computers, we pride ourselves on using only top-tier cases that we've put through our extensive testing. This commitment to quality sets us apart from many competitors who may opt for cheaper, lower-quality cases, which is a very common corner cutting trait. Imagine housing a £1000 PC in a £20 case, it just doesn't do it justice. We advise that when it comes to selecting a case, aim for the highest quality your budget allows. It's an investment that pays off, as the case is often the component you'll carry forward through multiple upgrades.

Additionally, our independence from any particular brand or supplier empowers us to cater to your specific case preferences. Should you come across a case that catches your eye and wish to integrate it into your build, or if you're curious about our opinion on it, we encourage you to reach out to us. We're here to assist you in personalising your computer to your exact specifications.

Please note that specific features of a case may depend on other components and might not always be accessible. Currently this is common with the bad evolution and implementation of USB-C ports on some cases and the fact that compatible headers are usually only found on motherboards often costing more than the case itself making it an economically non viable option. Other common instances are where there are not enough USB 2.0/3.0 headers on value oriented motherboards to support a higher end case or cooler. If you are unsure of anything regarding the availability of case ports and headers then please contact us.