Operating System

Another important choice when choosing your PC. The operating system is the main software loaded on your PC where you can launch games, applications and tools from. We currently supply all current versions of Microsoft Windows and the majority of our systems are compatible with Linux although not formally supported.

If your PC comes with an operating system or you choose one then it all comes pre installed, to the first hard disk, by one of our engineers. We don't stop there, all the windows updates are installed, drivers are updated and our engineers tweak a few settings so you get the best out of your machine. Your operating system media and licence key (affixed to the back) is then supplied with your PC.

We appreciate you may wish to install your own operating system, so rather than forcing you to have an operating system from us none of our machines come with an operating system as standard (unless its a prebuilt/next day system) which saves you money and gives you the choice as whether you want a preinstalled operating system or not.

Just in case you were wondering, 32bit Operating systems have now been discontinued and 64bit now rules. All supplied operating systems from us are the 64bit version.