About UK Gaming Computers


Hello and thank you for taking the time to find about UK Gaming computers or UKGC for short.

UKGC is an established UK company that build several thousand gaming and custom PCs, to the highest possible standard, every year. Based in Colchester, Essex we assemble research and test some of the best gaming PCs on the planet and then ship them all over the UK for your pleasure.

We have between us, some 70+ years experience in the custom building and gaming computer market. Not only do we just build PCs but we play them too, true enthusiasts us!

What We Do

UK Gaming Computers mainly sells custom built computers to the public and businesses through the website or over the phone. We also undertake bespoke projects which range from simple bespoke customisation such as custom paint work, airbrushing or even carbon fibre wrapping, right up to building PCs in and around requested items such as Commodore Amiga's and coffee tables! When we are not building your perfect PC we are trying out and testing the latest products on the market, which in turn allows us to introduce new items to the website.

We don't just sell computers; we also upgrade and repair them. Our upgrade and repair service is available to anyone even if the computer was not brought from ourselves. It a similar kind of setup to a local computer shop but available on a national scale rather than just the local area.

How Good Are We?

Our philosophy in ensuring our systems are built with the best components, dedicating more time to testing systems, offering an unrivalled warranty with superb support and advice means we are the best in the UK! A bold statement you cry and rightly so, everyone says they are the best however we back that up by proudly displaying what our past customers say about us and showing we are the best custom PC builder out there.


UKGC was formed in early 2009 evolving from an Essex based company called Megabyte Computing who are primarily an I.T. Solutions Company. As well as fixing computers, installing networks etc they also build high end custom gaming computers to the local area. The gaming PC builds became so popular it forced the birth of UKGC. Standing us here today! You will be pleased to know that we have brought a lot of those skills to UK Gaming Computers, so you can be assured our staff will be able to assist with anything you may require.

Anyway, if you want to find out why we think you should want us to create your ultimate computer then check out our Why UKGC page, our testimonials or our product reviews where you can read what our past customers have to say about us and our products, nothing says it better than the horses mouth!