Designed to be upgraded

First of all you may have notice just how many options are available to you when configuring your UK Gaming Computers PC on our website, this is because all our systems that we sell are designed with upgrade potential in mind. This maybe something you wish to add/change now by picking the appropriate drop down menu on our website or it maybe something you want to potentially do in the future, either way, you will find that our systems offer pretty much the most flexibility on the market which as far as we are concerned is a right of being a custom PC owner. You may have had a system in the past that you have not been able to do with it as you wished later down the line because of a lack of power supply connections, RAM slots, propitiatory hardware, power, motherboard features, cooling or physical case expansion - well we think of that when designing a system and minimise these brick walls which are often encountered. OK granted we are never going to be able to predict what the market or customers will want to do 5 years down the line but we can take a very good educated & experienced prediction.   

Upgrade Service

UK Gaming Computers are not just a supplier of Custom PCs, we are here to support you all the way through your ownership of your UKGC PC and offer an upgrade service. This service can advise you on the best route for upgrades specifically for your system as well as us doing the upgrade for you.

How does the upgrade service work?

Simply contact us with your order number along with the goals you wish the upgrade to achieve, any ideas of parts you are currently interested in and a budget. With these details we can take a look at your existing specification, price you up the various choices and put together a one stop package suitable for your needs.

After you have decided on your exact choices, let us know and we will upload a formal quote to the website for you to order. Once ordered, we will send you all the details you need but essentially you box up the PC and send it to us via courier/bring it in, we carry out the upgrade and then ship you back the system at your convenience. Easy!

We have compiled a detailed guide here which we encourage customers to read in full before contacting us for a quote/upgrade route.

What can I upgrade?

Pretty much anything! Once of the advantages of a UK Gaming Computers Computer is they are unlike all the off the shelf computers and nearly all of the other on-line custom pc builders, in the fact that they are designed to be upgraded in the first place. See how very few (if any) companies that sell you a PC offer an upgrade service? That is because they generally sell systems that are not as upgrade and do not want you to ask about an upgrade as they will have to reply to explain how something they sold you is not very upgradable. It is a very different story here!

Our PC upgrade service is not limited to a UKGC rig, so if you have your own rig or another you purchased elsewhere then get in contact and tell us the exact spec of the rig and what you want to achieve. If for any reason you dont know the exact spec and have no idea what you are looking for then you can send us/bring in the system and we can tell you exactly what you have and what can and can't be done with it.