Refurbished Gaming PC's

Refurbished Gaming PCs

Sometimes there is a need to own a good quality custom built pc as soon as possible so UK Gaming Computers present our refurbished pre built range. Designed, Built, Tested, Packaged and ready to ship now! Order before 12pm and we will dispatch the very same day meaning it could be on your door step by 9am the following day!

Just because they are refurbished does not mean we have had to use cheap nasty components, like all our systems they still feature top quality fully branded technology that can be found in our non refurbished systems. We back this up with a generous warranty with each and every refurbished system we produce.

More often than not you will actually find our refurbished systems are actually made up of mostly new components with just a couple of parts that are actually refurbished. This is a sure way to own a top quality system that will be reliable without having to spend top price for completely new systems.

Due to the nature of a pre built system it is not possible to fully customize it other than adding a swish set of peripherals but rest assured they are still built with the same quality and rigorous testing methods as all our other systems. Each system here is listed as a singular unit - once its gone, its gone.

Please note, we do not offer trade in on old systems.

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