Today UK Gaming Computers are proud to announce that we have partnered with Asus and Intel to bring you a juicy cashback when you purchase a system from UK Gaming Computers that contains a selected Asus Motherboard and Intel CPU.

Depending on the chosen motherboard and CPU this can be up to a healthy £170. Take the time to browse the table below which shows how much cashback each combination will land you. Even at the bottom end of the scale choosing a system with a Asus PRIME Z270-P motherboard and Intel core i5 7600K CPU will net you a cool £60 so this will be for the majority of customers even if you are not spending massive amounts on a system.

How it works

Simply order your system that has a combination of the selected motherboards and Intel CPU's found in the table at the bottom of the page. That's it!

Then What?

When your order ships we will email you a couple of important bits of information. The all important Asus redemption link where you will need to give Asus your details along with your motherboard serial number and PPID. Dont worry about knowing your serial number or what on earth a PPID is as we will email them in the same email as your redemption link. Once given, sit back and Asus will then process your cash back directly.

Important Information

This promotion begins at 17:00 15/5/17 and will run until 30/6/17 but may end sooner if the promotion prove popular (which we are sure will be). Asus have the rights to amend T&C's. You can confirm your order is eligible by looking at the details of the motherboard selection which will state [Asus 170GBP Cashback Promo].

UKGC cashback promotion