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RMA is an abbreviation for "Return Merchandise Authorization" and is commonly used in the retail industry. Essentially it permission to return a product to a retailer for a refund, repair, replacement or investigation that is in or out of its warranty period.  

Companies do not simply accept products in without the necessary paperwork and processes carried out prior. Imagine simply receiving a product without knowledge of why its returned, where its from and no references.......the retailer will have no idea what to do with it and ultimately those goods received will simply sit in a corner of a warehouse until the sender get in contact which could be days, weeks, months or even years! This is why companies have a RMA process or sometimes known as a returns procedure or something close to that effect.

By raising a RMA it informs the client that the retailer is happy to accept the merchandise in and to inform them of the correct procedure to send in the product(s).

Naturally when UK Gaming Computers raise a RMA full detailed instructions are sent over in an email which are fairly self explanatory but for some who has never had to send anything back from an online purchase before exactly what needs to be done can be confusing. The short version is to package the product back up in its original packaging and ship it back to the retailer with the RMA number attached on the outside of the packaging.