When it comes to 4K gaming PCs, arguably the best way to get the most out of your experience is via DLSS. A lot of people may wonder what these seemingly random bunch of letters mean at first glance; it is still a relatively new term in the industry. Well, they refer to what could be a small glimpse into the future of 4K gaming. Deep learning super sampling, as it's otherwise known, is a unique image upscaling technology developed by Nvidia that essentially aims to adapt to your own gaming habits and present the best possible experience for each situation.

Boosting your frame rates

4K Gaming PCs

Video games are, after all, an all-encompassing term for what is a very diverse marketplace. Many owners of top quality 4K gaming PCs will likely use them for competitive purposes, whether they have esports ambitions or simply want to be known as the best among friends, but this isn't to say it's all they can be used for. Other gamers enjoy slower paced titles yet still want peak performance when needed. As Nvidia set out to develop DLSS, they likely had this situational awareness in mind and wondered if they could create technology that adapted to it.

Here's how the end result works. DLSS basically reads and reacts to high GPU workloads, boosting frame rates when your system most needs it to. Using this method, it can help mid-range 4K gaming PCs emulate more expensive high end systems but without the constant energy that's required to run them. In fact, if you already had constantly perfect frame rates, DLSS would not be required. But it can help you reach those highest performances consistently when a game heavily utilizes the GPU. Think of it almost like a performance boosting supplement an athlete may take during their most intensive workouts to achieve the best results.

If you have further questions, Nvidia's Technical Director of Deep Learning, Andrew Edelsten, has previously made a fine effort to answer those in more detail than can be covered here.

Ease of entry to high level play

How does this pertain to the future of 4K gaming? To a large extent this sort of technology (DLSS being the first of its kind) could help narrow the gap between high end and mid-range gaming, making it more affordable and accessible than ever. For the first time, casual gamers with otherwise modest PC specs may be able to make the jump to more competitive intense gaming without necessarily needing a complete overhaul of their system to cope with it. This potentially lowers the barrier of entry to competitive esports, making it something all serious gamers should take note of.

To take full advantage of such technology, you need the right components around it. With this in mind, the mid-range 4K gaming PCs at UK Gaming Computers make the best pairings for DLSS. If you're in the market for a new custom-built PC, get in touch with them today to find out what could work best for you.