After relentlessly working on its final design, Microsoft proudly releases its newest operating system, the Windows 7. Also known as Blackcomb, this recent Windows release is a major breakthrough for developing enterprises that will benefit even the most complex of all computer processes and applications. Individual users will surely be delighted with a newly improved computer interface in the form of Windows 7 Premium and Professional versions. If you want to find out which Windows 7 edition will provide ultimate gaming computer quality, you will never go wrong with the detailed comparison of each version below.

Windows 7 Starter

The simplest edition is the Windows Starter, which is the basic package among the six versions. Windows Starter lacks the 64-bit processor architecture, which makes it a bad choice for complex computing needs and tasks such as high-end industry applications and similar processes. The famous Windows Aero, a more powerful GUI of Windows 7 that stands for Authentic, Energetic, Reflective and Open, is not included in the package. However, Windows Starter includes simple versions of Jump Lists, which allows users to open frequently accessed programs in a snap. It also gives easier network connectivity in detecting and engaging network sessions with a remote server or printer. Windows Starter supports Internet Explorer 8, and also allows faster wireless detection and connection.

Windows 7 Home Basic

Second in the list is the Windows 7 Home Basic, which is almost similar to Windows Starter except for a number of unique features. Windows Home Basic is designed to cater basic computing and internet needs such as faster web browsing, application loading and photo viewing. The Instant Search features easy retrieval and access of files that you can manually search by simply typing the keywords. The Instant Search almost acts like an auto-complete option - it automatically matches your keywords to the available data files stored in your disk. You will never experience any sort of delay in searching for files and folders anymore. The Windows Sidebar offers greater mobility and freedom as it is designed for wider customizable options. 

Windows 7 Home Premium

If you want to take your Windows experience to the next level, the basic suggestion would be the Windows 7 Home Premium. Hailed as one of the three most recommended Windows 7 editions, Premium allows greater internet and network flexibility and security. This Windows edition is targeted to win most market segments that will be benefited by the standard features of this Windows version, which includes faster wireless network connectivity, easier battery life management, and greater digital entertainment experience. Windows 7 Premium also features the dynamic Aero view, which associates Windows 3D Flip and other exciting GUI applications for seamless Windows experience. If you want to record TV feeds straight from your computer, you may now do so with Windows 7 Premium edition. Also included in the Home Premium edition is a series of media support for codecs such as WMV, MPEG-4 and WMA, which means that you can automatically play these music formats without installing anything. 

Windows 7 Professional

Windows 7 Professional, on the other hand, is becoming more popular due to its increasing scope of business targets. This version is aimed at large enterprise segments that would want to integrate technology to their business without the need to worry about platform compatibility issues. Windows 7 Professional perfectly combines your home and work PC needs, including data security and backup in such an effortless way. You can backup your files in the system even through a remote network. 

Windows 7 Enterprise edition

If you want to get a notch higher than this, you could try the Windows 7 Enterprise edition. For complicated security measures, you can count on BitLocker to provide you with the most reliable data encryption technique for your sensitive data. You can only have it with the Enterprise edition, the reason of which is purely logical—the complex need of large enterprises and businesses perfectly suits the functionality of these two powerful technologies that only this particular version has to offer. Connect remotely to your enterprise network using DirectAccess and never worry about getting stuck with complicated VPN applications again.

Windows 7 Ultimate

Nothing beats Windows 7 Ultimate in its almost-perfect architecture. This operating system structure has the ability to execute many Windows processes under the XP compatibility without any issues. Windows 7 Ultimate is also available in 35 different languages, perfect for wide range of business enterprise expansion. You can freely switch from one language to another without the need to reinstall anything after the process. The Ultimate edition is definitely the complete package. 

There are rather a lot!

There are quite a few to choose from however I expect Microsoft to shorten this list to just three come launch date. My choice three would be home premium, business and ultimate. Once Microsoft have decided what they want to do, UK Gaming computers will be offering its customers the opportunity to have this fantastic operating system with their new PC.