Microsoft Windows 10 Ready

Ready to Roll!

This system is compatible with both Microsoft Windows 10 & Microsoft Windows 11 and is ready to have either installed. When your system arrives, all you have to do is simply switch on your system, insert your operating system disk/USB and the installer will begin. Of course if you have chosen an operating system or the PC already comes with an operating system then it will already be installed and setup - A General rule of thumb is our next day/pre built range will come with a operating system whilst our custom built systems wont.

We understand that our customers want to be able to install their own operating system which is why we give customers the option to add an operating system to the computer, rather than just adding and charging for it anyway, so if you want us to supply, install, activate, install the drivers and tweak one then don't forget to add an operating system in the "Operating System" upgrade menu found further down the page.

Not all systems out there are able to have Windows 10 & 11 installed as these versions require a certain type of hardware, thankfully this system has the right type of hardware.

Finally for you alternative OS fans we can say that our systems are likely to support Windows 7, 8, 8.1 Linux and Steam OS. Due to so many variables with our systems it is impossible to test every combination with all the different operating systems out there hence why we cannot say for definite that alternative operating systems will work 100%. If you have any concerns about running an alternative OS then drop us an email and we can have a quick look to see if we can see any potential issues in running an alternative OS on a specific system.