A Proper Warranty

Our Promise

UK Gaming Computers have been producing some of the best computers out there since 2009, since the beginning we have gone on to become the best PC builder in the UK and have achieved such a low return rate we offer a unrivalled 6 year warranty on all our custom PCS as standard!

Many manufacturers up sell the components they use in their systems making them out to something they actually are not only then to offer a trivial 1, 2 or 3 year warranty - talk about lack of confidence in their own product! Given the amount of R&D we actually invest into our component choice and enthusiastic knowledge, not only do we we back our confidence up by offering an unrivalled standard 6 Year warranty on all new systems but the reputation that goes with it. Our philosophy of actually using top quality parts and brands ensures our PCs are probably the most reliable computers available in the UK. Get the piece of mind every good custom PC should come with.

This also isn't some fly by night unrealistic offering either that sometimes pops up (often on a online market place although have watched other attempts closely) flaunting a huge 10 year or "lifetime" warranty, only to then vanish without trace a year or so later, we have traded since 2009 and have always offered this level of warranty which we honestly believe is the best in the industry and importantly will be available should the unlikely event of something going wrong happen.

In addition to our warranty cover, rather than just simply raising a return, we will always attempt to solve any issues with you directly via our support methods to try and get you up and running as quickly as possible to save you time and hassle. You can read more on our awesome support service in the relevent section.