Model Numbers Explained

Our Model Numbers

All our systems are constantly evolving on a regular basis to accommodate new technology. When a new component comes out worthy of being included in one of our systems, it will generally replace the equivalent older component meaning our systems are updated rather than being discontinued.

If you see a system that has been around for a few years or perhaps a review that is a couple of years old then how that system was a couple of years ago will almost certainly be different to today's evolved version, so please don't think our systems could be several years out of date and contain out of date components.

Essentially, these model numbers are simply for reference. There is no need to understand them but they take on a fairly simple format: [SYSTEM NAME]V[VERSION NUMBER]. Generally, the system name will never change but the version number will. Say a system is currently V1.0 and we changed the graphics card then the version number will end up most likely being V1.1. Also, different systems evolve at different rates so the version number bears very little resemblance as to how many updates a system has received.