Here at UK Gaming Computers we are getting rather a lot of Nvidia RTX 3000 "Ampere" series inquiries ever since they were announced so have decided to consolidate all our information into a now not so quick FAQ article here to help answer and questions you may have. Please take the time to read all of the information in this article to understand the situation, which has made front page BBC news, that all retailers and system builders face when it comes to supply of these most awesome new and now older model graphics cards.

TLDR - All Nvidia GeForce and AMD Radeon Graphics cards are in very short supply worldwide, if you place an order with us that has a Nvidia GeForce or AMD Radeon graphics card then there is the potential for a delay to an order. Nvidia/AIB's/UK Gaming Computers can't make it go any faster as demand is simply outstripping supply,  the entire market is suffering from unprecedented stock shortages, we are not told we will get stock until literally a day or two before delivery, alternatives are also limited as they too are in short supply. Every retailer and system builder is in the same boat.

Updated 20/12/21 - After months of being short on the popular GTX 1660 SUPER we now have stock! We previously quoted a delay of 1-5 weeks which now moves to a "low stock" status. Not only that, it will allow us to fulfil 1660 SUPER orders that were not due until after the new year, before the new year! In addition, a slither of RTX 2060 6GB cards have also arrived meaning they also move from an estimated 1-5 week delay to low stock. Whilst the majority of our lines are "low stock" and potentially could change overnight this is probably the best stock levels we have seen in the last 15 months or so!

Nvidia RTX 3060 12GB - Low Stock. Unlikely delay.

Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti 8GB - Low Stock. Unlikely delay.

Nvidia RTX 3070 8GB - Low stock. Unlikely Delay.

Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti 8GB - Low Stock. Unlikely delay.

Nvidia RTX 3080 10GB - Low Stock. Unlikely delay.

Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti 12GB - Good Stock. Unlikely delay.

Nvidia RTX 3090 24GB - Good Stock. Unlikely Delay

Nvidia RTX 2060 6GB - Low Stock. Unlikely delay.

Nvidia GTX 1660 SUPER 6GB - Low Stock. Unlikely delay.

Nvidia GTX 1650 4GB - Low Stock. Unlikely delay.

All AMD Radeon - No Stock. NO ETA.

Overall Allocation - Top of Partners lists given past trade and are likely to be the soonest option to be able to supply in demand cards.

Formal clause - Given the difficulties faced with supply of these graphics cards and the nature of not knowing or having little knowledge when stock is due until usually the day it arrives we request you refer to this information page for any updates. All timescales on estimations are purely estimations which are based on previous run rates and educated guesses which may not be accurate. COVID-19 issues are severely impacting our workload and thus kindly request refrain from requesting updates on supply of these products. Any guarantee stated above excludes any potential delays related to other areas of an order. All Graphics cards in constraint will be allocated on a first come first served policy to ensure they are fairly shared out and queue jumping with priority build services is only possible on cards that show as in stock above. All system prices are based on current market rate of graphics cards as highlighted in the 15/4/21 update, if this pricing deviates too much once stock is secured UK Gaming Computers reserves the right to cancel the order or offer the system at a higher price based on the graphics card pricing deviation. If your order is time critical and is suffering from a product shortage detailed above please make your order elsewhere. This information is present in the graphics card more info button on each product page as well as the COVID notice at the top of every webpage and order status emails.

Delayed Stock FAQ

1 - I'm going to make an order for a system that has a GPU constraint, how will the process differ? - Ultimately, the order will of course take longer to fulfil. When the shortage first began we built each order (without the GPU) and tested them as far as we possible could so that when the cards come in it was simply a case of popping in the card, doing some final tests and then shipping to minimise delay. Unfortunately this became impractical due to the amount of space the parts builds were taking up so now we simply allocate what parts we can for the order until the GPU is known to arrive before we build the system, it still gives us a head start with the build and testing but doesn't cause the space issue with part built systems. This will result in no order updates after the order is processed so don't panic if you don't hear any updates other than here as it will also be pointless and time constraining to send out individual updates to say nothing has changed.

2 - I have made an order, can I change GPU that has a shorter lead time? - Yes however just be aware in order to keep things fair all allocation is based on 1st come 1st served so if you made an order recently and change card you won't get put to the front of an allocation queue for another card. Please contact us at your convenience to discuss options.

3 - Will adding a priority/Super rush job service to an order which includes a constrained part make it arrive quicker? - No, as always, all constrained parts are strictly 1st come 1st served basis so if there is a predicted delay and to make things fair the order won't be moved to the front of the queue which makes the the priority service arguably pointless. However, if a GPU is shown as in stock/low stock then the a priority/Super rush job service will be applicable and the order will indeed be ready to ship as per the a priority/Super rush job services.

4 - I have made an order that includes a delay and have now decided I no longer want the order or want to wait, can I cancel? - Yes, however if the order is for a custom built PC (99% of our business) this will likely incur a cancellation fee as contracted to cover our restocking fees, processing fees and admin time.

5 - How is it for you guys? - As a company that primarily operates as an online retailer, nothing short of a complete nightmare, our only consolidation is everyone else is is in the same boat but are however very thankful of the stock and vendor aid we are receiving to be able to actually offer some kind of option. As you can see, with lines that we actually have stocked, no where else has them unless they are several times over the RRP. Over the 12 years we have traded, we have never seen a shortage that has not only impacted so many lines but has also sustained for such a long period of time, this is by far and away the most serious shortage the market has faced by a considerable margin and involves a considerably large amount of admin to keep things organised and fair to keep orders flowing as freely as possible. Throw in Brexit, COVID-19, HGV Shortages, short stock on other lines and a very buoyant market and we are very much so in the "perfect storm".

Updated 25/11/21 - RTX 2060's are now sold out with no known ETA resulting in us showing a 1-5 week delay. GTX 1660 SUPER's remain dire and will continue with a 1-5 week delay, given Christmas cut off's it is unlikely systems with these GPU's will be ready in time for Christmas.

Updated 11/11/21 - GTX 1650's are back and we now have a top up RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3090's, its two completely different ends of the scale but we are not complaining! The GTX 1650's will go quick this time of year and given their previous stock history probably wont be around long. Everything else, either remains on low stock and is either here or confirmed incoming however this can and probably will change as they literally arrive and then go straight back out the door or in the GTX 1660 SUPER case, out of stock. We hope to see more 1660 SUPER's before Christmas however the outlook is not looking good. As we are mentioning in other notices on our website, if your order is for Christmas, now is the time to order.

One trend we are seeing in the market is older Nvidia GTX 1050, 1050 Ti and 1660 Ti are being brought back to aid with the shortage, the problem with this is that some of these are many years old now, the 1050 is over 5 years old now! This is not only a bad choice for modern systems but they are also priced similarly to the modern equivalent yet are much slower! Modern AMD GPU's are now starting to become available, however compared to a similar priced Nvidia option the Nvidia option offers more performance every time. Naturally none of these options wont be making their way into our systems, its just not right selling 5 year old graphic cards but we do hope the AMD pricing corrects itself making them a viable option in the future.

Updated 18/10/21 - It seems the situation is taking a turn for the worse. GTX 1650's are now short supply and are now going back to a likely 0-4 week delay, we are hoping for a decent size delivery late next week but as always, anything we are told has to be taken with a pinch of salt. Every single other model stock levels have dropped and without a doubt demand is greater than supply, other than RTX 2060's and 3060's we are literally days away from being out of stock and the small amounts coming in is reducing that buffer. Whilst things were on the up, our fear now switches to the impending Xmas period, if what has happened over the last few weeks continues, there will not be enough stock to go around. For those of you planning Xmas orders, we would advise to start getting orders in now. Full GPU list & FAQ bumped up the page to below this latest update.

Updated 13/8/21 - We are getting there! Stock still remains constrained however day by day the situation is improving. Since our last update we have managed to get hold of a small allocation of RTX 3060 Ti's which in the past we simply discontinued as they were impossible to source at a reasonable cost, we now have stock and have reintroduced them back to our website as upgrade options. We are also pleased to say we now have RTX 3080's in stock which is the first time since launch nearly a year ago! Again, its small quantity and we are very likely to sell out quickly  but for the time being they are there and are not causing delays to orders. GTX 1650's are also now back in stock so move from a estimated 0-4 week delay to a low stock status. This just leaves RTX 3090's, GTX 1660 SUPER's and all AMD graphics cards that will potentially delay an order. Given the events over the last year, we will take that all day long! Full GPU list & FAQ bumped up the page to below this latest update.

Updated 17/7/21 - More positive news! As we move forward we now have stock of RTX 3070's, previously they were subject to a 0-4 week delay, we are now pleased to announce they have moved to a "low stock" status with an unlikely delay to orders. At the same time RTX 3090's move from a estimated 0-8 week delay to again a "low stock" status. Full GPU list & FAQ bumped up the page to below this latest update.

Updated 8/7/21 - Positive news! Its getting better! After 9/10 months of turmoil we are pleased to note things are on the up. Nvidia RTX 3070 & 3090 availability moves from 2-12 weeks delay to 0-4 weeks and 0-8 weeks respectively and as a complete u-turn RTX 3080 delays jump from the previous 16-32 weeks delay to an impressive 0-4 weeks! RTX 3070 Ti's are now freely available and are being added to our site over the next couple of days as are RTX 3080 Ti's however stock is low so suspect these will not be hanging about. RTX 2060's and 3060's continue to come in and remain in stock although little has changed on GTX 1650's and GTX 1660 SUPER so our estimates remain the same. Full GPU list & FAQ bumped up the page to below this latest update.

Updated 1/6/21 - Today Nvidia announced 2 new RTX 30 series graphics cards, the RTX 3080 Ti and the RTX 3070 Ti which go on sale at 2pm on the 3rd of June and 10th of June respectively. Right now, we have a small allocation of stock however this stock is planned to be offered to our 3080 allocation queue before releasing them on our website. Only once they have been offered will we formally launch each card on our website. Given what we have been allocated the RTX 3080 Ti & 3070 Ti is not the holy grail saviour that we all may have hoped for to resolve the graphics card shortage however it does offer options and options are better than nothing. For customers lucky enough to be offered these options our advise will remain the same as any model we are offering as an alternative, grab it now as the price is only going to continue to rise! RTX 3080 allocation remains dire however the backlog is slowly going down with the combined efforts of stock trickling in and customers swapping over to mainly RTX 3090's and a few 3070's. As for the rest of the cards, supply is slightly improving however as the price. This isn't caused by UK Gaming Computers as we have a buy price and are still selling at our margin we have always sold at to keep things fair, the price rises are being caused by the raw material cost to both Nvidia and the AIB partners and that is towards the top of the chain of supply. We are trying to follow suit as closely as possible and thus far where we have seen price hikes compared to back order pricing simply offering builds at our trade GPU price hike is working very well, customers are mostly indeed understanding of the market trend and are happy to either cover the difference or opt for the premium options we are working so hard to get our hands on. Ultimately we do find ourselves in a very delicate position as we find ourselves essentially offering full systems for the price of just the graphics card and ultimately there is nothing stopping us listing graphics cards on well known auction sites for 2 or 3 times the retail price and making twice the amount of money for a tenth of the effort however as an honest system builder we are working hard to ensure our builds are leaving us at fair pricing to ensure graphics cards are making their way to real gamers and not ending up in the hands of crypto miners or scalpers which is the main cause of the shortage. Once the 3080 Ti and 3070 Ti launch settles and we have a good idea to the run rate we will be in a position to update our GPU lead time table but for the time being we will continue to air on the side of caution and they will remain as currently estimated. In other good news, we have secured more RTX 2060 and RTX 3060 stock in decent quantities and they remain as no additional GPU shortage lead time however we have of course seen price rises here so be quick as they wont be hanging around long! Full GPU list & FAQ bumped up the page to below this latest update.

Updated 15/4/21 - We wish we had better news but the trend is not changing. Availability continues to get worse on all lines but one (RTX 2060). The price of bitcoin and other crypto currencies is through the roof and continues to contribute heavily to the shortage. Scalpers are winning, anything that does make it to the virtual retail shelf is immediately getting snapped up and ending up on well known auction sites for 3 times the original cost and with demand high, they are selling and will continue to do so when there are buyers. Whilst the Suez Canal incident doesn't directly effect GPU supply (they are shipped by air) it does create a customs and port backlog. This of course puts us in a very difficult position, and of course has done ever since the launch of 30 series cards and the shortages, without graphics cards, we cant sell full systems, yet at the same time the demand for customers happy to wait for an order because they don't want to pay over inflated prices from scalpers is still there and we still want to offer that outlet. Not only is this a order management nightmare ebbing in to resources we simply do not have where we are already stretched because of COVID and other areas of industry shortages but its also getting very difficult to predict. Every single allocation we get, our buy price goes up, short term, no problem however when you have graphics cards that have had multiple price hikes listing products with lead times of weeks and months becomes a problem as by the time we reach an order in the allocation queue it could then be uneconomical to supply. We are pleased to say, we have yet to cancel and order because we are unable to honour a price from several weeks or months ago but if prices continue to spiral out of control we will have no choice to do so, although rather than just flat out cancel and potentially annoy patient customers realistically its going to be more logical to offer the option to customers to either wait until we can secure more normally priced stock which will lead to further delays or offer the option to cover the difference. If it get to this, this is the route we will take.

The is no doubt, the RRP of GPU's was passed months ago, our trade price has pretty much always been way over RRP and ultimately we want to be offering options to customer that are at a fair price and not over priced. We could simply take our allocation, list it on well known auction sites and make more money then selling systems, naturally, we are an honest company and wont be doing that....ever!

As previously mentioned we have always maintained it simply takes one or two good allocations to resolve the backlog, which since trading in 2009 is how its always worked, however we are getting to the point were it is becoming increasingly difficult to trade and handle the very small amount of customers that seem to believe the shortage is in some way our fault. There is only so long we can remain hopeful the situation will resolve itself and those magic allocation numbers turn up.

Moving forward we have more confirmed RTX 2060 stock on its way, we expect to see it land within the week, this is in addition to the stock we still have. Given this is historically the best selling GPU ever, it at least allows us to be able to offer something, we are fortunate to have these. Nvidia have advised us to kill off the RTX 3060 Ti, we have duly obliged, they are no longer available to pre order from us. We will be looking to fulfil the 3060 Ti backlog we have by providing said 3060 Ti's or by continuing to offer alternatives such as the better available 2060, 3060 12GB and 3070's, after which that's the end of them, unless supply improves. 3080 allocation remains terrible, however they are slowly trickling in in tiny numbers but our backlog will take months & months to clear so much so we are changing our ETA from 8-20 weeks to 16-32 weeks, we still maintain customers should change to a better available RTX 3070 (around 10% slower) or RTX 3090 (5.7% faster) or remain patient with allocation. We are keeping our 3070 and 3090 ETA at 2-12 weeks still.

The RTX 3060 12GB now moves to "low Stock" on amber alert, the GTX 1660 SUPER from an amber "No Stock. Likely delay of 0-4 weeks but no guarantee" to a red "No Stock. Likely delay of 1-5 weeks but no guarantee" and the GTX 1650 of "Low Stock. Unlikely delay" to "No Stock. Likely delay of 1-5 weeks but no guarantee". We continue to get our hands on premium GPU options which are offered to customers on a 1st come 1st served basis. As for AMD GPU's, who are they again? Full GPU list & FAQ bumped up the page to below this latest update.

Updated 29/3/21 - Its being dubbed "Chipageddon" - in short its the tag word effecting the microprocessor/semiconductor industry shortage brought about by the surge in demand of microprocessors found in computers, computer components, peripherals, white goods, TV's, monitors, webcams, camera, phones etc used to keep the world entertained at home during the pandemic. The demand has now caught up with stock levels and graphics card manufacturers now face issues with being able to maintain existing production levels, that already haven't previously been good enough. In English, this means everything is going to (continue) to get worse until this situation is resolved/caught up. It is not expected to "ease" until the second half of 2021. Ultimately this will impact all computer components but will impact graphics cards the hardest as this is the area that is already hit the hardest. Crypto currency mining is again in full swing showing no signs of slowing down, ports continue to be backlogged and demand still far outstrips supply. As a result we are going to bump up our GPU delay table, 3070's go from 0-4 weeks to 2-12 weeks, 3090's from 0-4 weeks to 2-12 weeks and 1660 SUPER from 0-2 weeks to 0-4 weeks. We have kept the estimated earliest date low because as mentioned in the past it only takes a single decent allocation and delivery that has been possible with previous generation cards to turn up to almost eliminate any kind of delay. Almost non existent 3060 Ti's and 3080's keep their 16/20 week delays but as we keep saying, if you do order one please, like all graphics cards here, be on the understanding it could very well be longer and to seriously consider 3060 12GB, 3070 and 3090's as alternatives and if you do opt for a lesser card, upgrade when this all blows over. Stock of RTX 3060 12GB cards remains good as does RTX 2060 cards however these will hold up for only so long. GTX 1650 stock is also now starting to look concerning and as a result we are going to pop a small delay on them to cover ourselves. AMD Graphics cards continue to be non existent. As always, don't order from us if the product is listed as having a shortage and you are not prepared for delays. 30 Series list & FAQ bumped up the page to below this latest update.

Updated 9/3/21 - Time to start with a bit of goods news, the large orders of RTX 2060 6GB cards we were able to get hold of and expecting early/mid March arrived today!  Any orders that were awaiting RTX 2060 will now be concentrated on and moving forward we know we have the stock. Unfortunately this is where the good news ends, everything else, aside from the RTX 3060 12GB continues to worsen. The 3060 Ti and 3080 continue to be severely impacted and moving forward we are now actively limiting the amount of RTX 3060 Ti & 3080 based systems we list and strongly encourage customers either not to order said GPU's unless you can be very very patient and can handle a pretty big wait time. As always for any existing 3080 orders you should genuinely consider changing to a RTX 3060 and potentially upgrade at a latter date to get up and running now, 3070 or 3090 and for RTX 3060 Ti's change to a RTX 3060 12GB. RTX 3060 12GB cards have been launched on our site in a limited capacity, some models have the option to upgrade to said card but this stock we physically have is being closely monitored whilst we continue to offer it as a viable alternative. The Chinese new year  break has caused a break in supply to all graphics cards and the "bad but better available" 3090 and 3070 stock and lead times have been affected as too has the GTX 1660 SUPER which was previously in good supply. AMD Graphics cards continue to be non existent. As always, don't order from us if the product is listed as having a shortage and you are not prepared for delays. 30 Series list bumped up the page to below this latest update.

Updated 2/3/21 - Late last week the Nvidia RTX 3060 12GB launched! Early indications show they continue the great performance gains all the 30 series cards offer and these are arguably the "price to performance card" of this generation. Unfortunately, within minutes they sold out everywhere. The good news is that we have stock and more stock is known to be on its way however given the 3060 12GB is likely to suffer the same fate as all the other 30 series cards we are not going to launch them. We are first offering them to customers who have back ordered Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti 8GB cards and direct replacements for AMD RX5700XT's cards. Once that backlog has made a decision then we will list them on our site when we know how many, if any, we have left. RTX 3080 and RTX 3060 Ti availability continue to remain utterly dreadful. At the same time AMD Radeon RX 6800, 6800XT & 6900XT remains even worse, we would go as far as saying AMD have made a paper launch (again) however it seems they haven't even cut the tree down yet! Until AMD can offer some kind of stock then we have no intention of launching them. More 3070 and a tiny amount of 3090 stock continues to roll in and is scheduled to roll in but still remain in major constraint but are by far more available than all the cards just mentioned. As we progress through orders and the vast backlog we will be approaching both 3060 Ti and 3080 customers the option to switch to better available cards. In other news, we received notice late yesterday that our order for a large quantity of RTX 2060 6GB cards have left China and are on their way. These were touted as arriving with us "early March" which is probably still just about correct however with port delays because of Brexit this could could ebb into a "mid March". Once they arrive we will be concentrating on fulfilling the RTX 2060 6GB backlog. We again would like to remind customers that everyone is in the same boat and this situation is something we have little control over and this information is made clear to you before ordering. 30 Series list bumped up the page to below this latest update.

Updated 4/2/21 - Chinese new year starts today and will run from today until the 26th of February, for anyone not familiar with CNY the country essentially closes for around 3 weeks and celebrates the beginning of a new year on the traditional Chinese calendar. For us, this often represents a pause in supply as pretty much all the factories are closed. Given that nearly all graphics cards are made in china and are sent via air freight this will cause a pause in supply. Like most allocations, we are expecting decent 3070, 3090 and small amounts of 3080 and 3060 Ti Stock early next week (was late this week but as always is held at customs) along with GTX 1650 & 1660 SUPER in the same allocation. In addition we also have the new but yet to be released RTX 3060 12GB (Non 3060 Ti 8GB) arriving on the same allocation. RTX 2060 Stock is still expected early March. The little 3080 allocation does little to clear the backlog and would advise customers who are eager to get their systems sooner to make contact to downgrade to a RTX 3070 from a 3080. For customers that are waiting for 3060 Ti 8GB cards if stock does not arrive before the RTX 3060 12GB launches (Still no official date or pricing from Nvidia other than "late February") then we will be offering said RTX 3060 12GB to customers as options to help clear the backlog however please be aware we are unable to do so until we get the green light from Nvidia, alternatively you should consider switching up to the 3070. We again would like to remind customers that everyone is in the same boat and this situation is something we have little control over and this information is made clear to you before ordering. 30 Series list bumped up the page to below this latest update.

Updated 27/01/21 - The RTX 2060 and 2060 SUPER has been brought back from Nvidia to help alleviate the short supply. We have (re)introduced the RTX 2060 however with RTX 2060 SUPER pricing similar to that of the 3060 Ti we wont be bringing back the 2060 SUPER as we feel its worth the 3060 Ti wait. In addition Nvidia have announced the new RTX 3060 12GB that is set to launch "late February" which will again hopefully alleviate the strain but no doubt that will be in constraint from day 1 too! 3060 Ti and 3080 allocation remains terrible, given the volume of enquiries and customers chasing which we are not equipped to handle we are now going to simply blanket the ETA on both models as 6-12 weeks. We cant get them in faster, no one can and there no other updates other than this page so again we respectfully ask customers to please stop asking. The 3070 and 3090 are slightly more encouraging but still poor however we are now moved into negative numbers/very low stock levels and as a result are updating our list to show a delay to cover ourselves. For any customers that wish to tell us that this isn't good enough and they "want their PC NOW!" or persistently chase despite being redirected to the banner at the top of every page on out website, the product page banner, graphics card more info page, top of automated emails and bottom of customer service emails with all of this information in then we are now going to simply cancel your order as we are both tired of customers ignoring this information and are struggling to keep up with demand. 30 Series list bumped up the page to below this latest update.

Updated 18/1/21 - Now the last one falls, The Nvidia RTX 3070 is now changed from "Good stock. Likely no delay but no guarantee" to "Low stock. Chance of small delay but no guarantee." This means that all RTX 30 Series cards are now suffering from at least low stock issues and are all under no ETA guarantee. We continue to receive small quantities of stock on each line however the trend of demand out stripping supply continues and the allocation list grows longer by the day. We of course still believe we are the soonest option to get hold of RTX 30 series cards, lead time on a RTX 3080 in retail is now at 3-4 months! As the wait list grows longer we have had to stop pre building orders waiting for GPU's as they are now taking up too much space, instead we will now build and test orders as soon as we know there will be GPU availability but will continue to order in and allocate all the other parts that make up the rest of a order, the result is that orders may sit on the "processing" or "parts allocated" stage for much longer than expected and then move exceptionally quicker once there is known GPU stock due. As always, if you want a RTX 30 series based build and are happy with the idea of a delay or potential delay then do feel free to simply place your order and we will update you either here or via an order update status when the situation changes and if you are not happy with a delay or potential delay then please make your order elsewhere. 30 Series list bumped up the page to below this latest update.

Updated 12/1/21 - 30 series list below updated and moved to the top of this page. As predicted and stated in this very guide, things are getting worse. With the Pandemic yet increasing demand and supply remaining roughly the same 30 series GPU's move further into constraint. The flagship RTX 3090 now falls short in stock and there is now the chance of a small delay to orders where previously there was guarantee of no delay. 3060 Ti remains heavily constrained and we will like all 30 series cards continue to monitor the situation closely and at the moment will leave the "likely 0-2 week delay" notice. The RTX 3080 backlog continues to grow an as a result are changing our estimated fulfilment of of 2-5 working weeks to 3-6 weeks. RTX 3070's remain stocked however with all the other 30 series options being affected customers are turning to RTX 3070's and stock is dwindling. As always, whilst we are top of vendors lists for allocation and likely to be the fastest way to get your hands on a 30 series card in the country all these estimations are purely estimations and must be taken with a pinch of salt. We are of course working as hard as possible to secure as much stock as possible including premium upgrade models and this page is the most up to date information you will find.

Updated 4/1/20 - 30 series list below updated and moved to the top of this page. TLDR - 3060 Ti now in constraint and will likely lead to a small delay on all 3060 Ti orders.

Updated 14/12/20 - Its getting worse. RTX 3060 Ti is now changing from "Launched. Well stocked. No Delay to orders guaranteed." to "Launched. Very Low Stock, small quantities en-route. Likely small to no delay but no guarantee". RTX 3070's remain in constraint, but thus far the small allocation hasn't really affected orders. RTX 3080's have been upgraded/downgraded depending on which way you look at it to a 2-5 working week total order fulfilment from 2-4 weeks. RTX 3090's are good.

Updated 11/12/20 - As of today we have just learned what is the future of 30 Series graphics cards is; "The GPU supply from NVIDIA is very bad. RTX3080 is the worst. They’re now cutting supply on RTX3090/RTX3080/RTX3060Ti as well. We’re seeing supply gap between our backlog and NV’s allocation. The supply is expected to remain bad till Q1, 2021." - This is from one of our trusted Graphics card partners and have every reason to trust this source. Stock has been arriving and there is no update on the below table from back on 2/12/20. Given this above news our advice still remains the same, get your orders in as soon as possible but depending on the model ordered there is the potential for delay and is likely to get worse before it gets better.

Added 2/12/20

Another new card to add to the line up, this time its the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti 8GB! Built on the same technology as a RTX 3070 the RTX 3060 Ti but with 4864 CUDA cores instead of 5888 and a slightly slower clock speed it is essentially a "baby RTX 3070". Performance wise its around just 11-15% slower than a 3070 and in old money equivalent of a RTX 2080 SUPER yet is 27% cheaper than the 3070 and a whopping 86% cheaper than the 2080 SUPER. Right now, this is most definitely the best value GPU on the market right now and is positioned as a 4K or 2K 144Hz product. Like all RTX 30 series graphics cards, demand is high and as you read this the retail market has been cleared of stock however we have stock in the building and right now any RTX 3060 Ti orders should not be delayed beyond the estimated build and test timescales. Our same advise applies to the 3060 Ti as it did with the RTX 3070, 3080 and 3090 - Get your orders in a soon as possible before they sell out.

In more mundane and slightly depressing news the RTX 3080 continues to be in short supply. Retailers continue to be completely out of stock and from our understanding any retail pre order has now progressed from being fulfilled in January 2021 to February 2021. Its gotten that bad Nvidia have thrown in the towel when it comes to "founder edition" cards they have formally opted to cease selling RTX 3080 and 3090 Founders Edition graphics cards on its online store stating;

"We have heard your feedback regarding the NVIDIA online store and are working to improve the experience.

In the meantime, we will be selling our GeForce RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 Founders Edition through other partners. In the US, you can shop for Founders Edition at Best Buy"

We are not surprised in any shape or form, the launch has been nothing short of dreadful when it comes to supply however they get away with it because the cards are so good! If you are not aware of what is going on then the TDLR version is that demand has outstripped supply and supply is also suffering from simply not being able to make enough (Nvidia actually stated the demand is ten times what they anticipated), Scalpers (people/bots buying up the cards and then selling them on for a massive markup), COVID-19 related production & logistics impact (not everyone around the world is back at work) and supply chain issues with getting all of the components that make up the full product. Its not just Nvidia that have this issue with founder edition cards, all the cards from AIB partners (MSI, ASUS, Palit, Zotac, EVGA etc) which make up the bulk of supply anyway have exactly the same issue and in even further addition Nvidia founder edition cards tend to only be sold for the first few weeks and months of a product launch anyway before the go end of life as AIB partners simply make better versions by having superior cooling and clocks speeds and Nvidia themselves are not really in the manufacturing game as nearly all GPU's are sold to AIB partners to make their own variants anyway. For anyone remotely interested, we have seen zero founders edition versions and are very unlikely to ever see any as fully expect them unless we move to the US and have access to Best buy and Nvidia don't end of life the product like they have historically done!

Slightly better news is we continue to receive small quantities of 3080's from our AIB partners at a reasonable cost which is not massively overinflated. We are also getting them faster than retailers and are still maintaining a 2-4 week lead time, still first come first served basis, and any systems waiting for them are built and 90% tested during normal estimated build and test times that then simply get put to one side until their time comes to be graced with a 3080 where we then install the card, finish the small amount of testing then arrange to get the order out as quickly as possible to minimise delay. Of course, as we have always maintained we make absolutely no guarantee on this timescale as we have no control over the supply and it can change at any point but so far this has been the case. Everyone retailer and system builder are all in the same boat but given our relationship with AIB partners and previous history of selling higher end systems and having the highest ASP in the UK market we have are being very well looked after and are confident we are the quickest way out of everyone to get your hands on a RTX 3080.

As predicted, RTX 3070's are now in short supply. Ultimately its a better value for money option over a 3080 and with 3080 almost being unobtainable many have settled on a RTX 3070. Our initial stock holding for launch has now gone and we are reliant on more stock arriving in order to fulfil future orders. So far every 3070 based order has not been affected by supply issues and we maintain that statement moving forward however because that initial stock is no longer present we cannot guarantee our normal estimated build and test time. Again, as far as we are aware a retail order/pre order will not be fulfilled until January 2021 as no one has any stock.

As for the RTX 3090, we have a very small amount of stock which is thus far not impacting estimated build and test times.

Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti

Added 29/10/20

The RTX 3070 has launched! You can now find all our RTX 3070 based systems scattered around our website as well as in the RTX 30 series gaming PC category in addition as upgrade options to systems that are compatible with the RTX 3070. Just like the 3080 and 3090 demand is exceedingly high however at the time of writing we actually have stock however fully expect this stock to go quickly and then be in a similar position to the RTX 3080, so if you are wanting a RTX 3070 based system, order it now, do not wait.

Regarding RTX 3080 stock, orders have now outstripped supply. Retailer pre orders placed now are expected not to be fulfilled until the new year, literally no one can go and buy a RTX 3080 or 3090 right now! We are still seeing a steady supply coming in but the availability is now leading to a delay in fulfilling orders, we are still at the front of the queue for supply and we are confident we are able to supply RTX 3080 based systems sooner than everywhere else but there is only so many cards out there. At a guess which is no means any guarantee or any sort, RTX 3080 orders will take approximately 2-4 weeks to fulfil anything more accurate and you are asking us to predict the future so if you are expecting any kind of guarantee or promise then please make your order elsewhere - that being said, elsewhere don't know either as they are in the same boat as us! We must also reiterate in order to keep things fair there are no "pre orders" - simply order and you are put in the 1st come first served queue, each system will be built and tested as normal without the graphics card and then once stock arrives the GPU will be installed and the final tests will be done before shipping to reduce the amount of time it take to get an order out after the card arrives. Priority build and test services do not effect allocation and we are not selling any cards separately.

RTX 3090's are still stocked and are currently not effected by stock delay, of course this can literally change overnight.

Added 22/10/20

To say Nvidia RTX 3080 and 3090 sales have been popular would be an understatement. So far all 3090 orders have not been held up in anyway related to availability and we confirm we have a good stock level of RTX 3090 ready to go! Most 3080 orders have continued to go out on time however we have now reached a point where demand has out paced supply which has led to a minor delay of a few days with a small amount of orders. The good news is as of today we have received a significantly sized delivery to enable us to fulfil existing orders and have received confirmation of future deliveries due to us next week which should they arrive as planned means we will continue to be able to supply Nvidia RTX 3080 based systems without or with minimal delay.

On the subject of these two cards, we can also now confirm we physically have stock of the EK-Quantum Vector Water blocks for the 3080/3090 and expect to add these options to our watercooled PC range this week;

A RTX 3090 with a water block assembled by us!

In addition we have good RTX 3070 stock holding already so are in the perfect position come launch day on the 29th.

Finally we are receiving a lot of calls and emails with regards to purchasing these cards separately  which is putting a strain on our communication channels. Please may we take this opportunity to reiterate we are not selling any cards separately, they are for system builds only. In addition to continue to make everything fair they are still allocated to builds on a first come first serve basis, there is no queue jumping and any priority service will not jump you ahead of the allocation queue. Given production numbers the shortage of 30 series cards will continue until the new year so if you want one, order sooner rather than later.

Added 5/10/20

The Nvidia RTX 3090 24GB is out and Nvidia have delayed the RTX 3070 until October 29th. If you think RTX 3080 stock is rare well get ready for even rarer RTX 3090's as there are far less of them out there and available, thankfully they are less popular than the RTX 3080 simply due to their cost. The good news is so far we have stock and all RTX 3080 and 3090 orders have gone out on time which we incredibly proud of. We are still being asked how long RTX 30XX orders will take and feel that we need to clarify that we don't actually know, like we say, so far so good but that can change if the supply dries up or if COVID starts messing things up further - anything more accurate and you are asking us to predict the future so if you are expecting any kind of guarantee or promise then please make your order elsewhere - that being said, elsewhere don't know either as they are in the same boat as us!

We are still continuing to implement a fair 1st come first served basis on these cards, no priority or Super Rush Job services will skip 30XX series allocation. Get your order in as soon as possible and you will simply sit in the allocation queue. Of course if we have the stock/allocation to your order and you have ordered an expedited build and test service then the order will be completed with that expedited service, if not the rest of the system will be built and tested with expedited service so that when/if allocation is needed it will just be a case of popping the GPU in and completing the final checks.

We are also getting customers ask about the POSCAPS & MLCC "issue" that has been reported. Naturally this is something we have invested a lot of time and effort into investigating and can do so as we have a decent pool of GPU's to see how extensive the issue is and can confirm 1, 2 or none MLCC’s are fine, there is no issue. The cards/systems that were affected is now corrected with Nvidia's most recent driver and we firmly believe the issue is with systems that are overclocking the GPU's within and inch of their life and do not not have the "clean" supply of power that the PSU should be providing. Naturally, we only use good power supplies in our builds which as far as we are concerned makes the issue irrelevant.

Still no waterblocks as of yet. EK seem to think "mid October" whilst Corsair don't yet know but we would guess a the same kind of time, maybe a week or two after. "Mid october" probably also means the 1st available small batch will ship, so there maybe shipping time that needs to be added on. Once we have had to play with these blocks then we will launch Ampere based water cooled systems.

Added 22/9/20

More stock has landed! So far, we are pretty much on par with RTX 3080 stock Vs the amount of orders we have taken, meaning as it currently stands it is unlikely to effect standard build and test times for orders. Obviously this still comes with no guarantee on the estimated timescales as things may or may not change, but so far, so good!

Added 17/9/20

They are here! The Nvidia RTX 3080 10GB has landed and surprisingly they are pretty good. Whilst the Nvidia benchmarks were indeed fluffed up to show the best possible results, real benchmarks are not too far off showing fantastic gains when compared to previous generation cards, they are not overheating and it appears to a be a "good and worthy launch" that suddenly makes all the previous "here have an 12% gain" launches a thing of the past. RTX finally looks like its actually worth while and ultimately is what RTX should have been with 20 series and DLSS 2.0 is genuinely showing some really good results but importantly with all the RTX, DLSS and fluff switched off raw performance is significantly improved over previous generation. Swiftly speaking a Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 10GB is around 40-50% faster than a slightly cheaper Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER 8GB and 30-40% faster than a much more expensive Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080  Ti 11GB! Given this we can comfortably conclude right now Nvidia RTX 3000 series cards are the ones to get/wait for.

Now, before you go rushing out to snag one in our Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 Series systems or another system with a upgraded GPU you need be aware that stock is incredibly sparse. We predicted that stock will be incredibly short and as it transpires Nvidia actually sold out of Reference Founder edition cards within a minute (we were watching!) and the small few dozen scattered around the internet in retail around 30 seconds later after which everyone's website crashed. The hype on these cards is very much real and with the actual benchmarks proving to be decent this is the fastest sell out we have ever seen in the 11 years we have traded and think we would have to go back to 2005 when the 7800 GT hit the shelves to be able to get a remotely close comparison. Getting hold of them is difficult and and prices are inflated. As for us and stock, we have "some" and by some we mean less than a handful but believe was a noticeable amount of stock that was actually allocated! They are all gone and we are patiently awaiting round two of supply due to us "next week" with no confirmed numbers, pricing or solid dates. We are hoping any orders made now will be ready to ship within their estimated build and test times as we can build and test a system prior to them arriving and then simply pop them in once the arrive and do the final tests then however because of this we make absolutely no guarantee (not that we formally do anyway) any system with a 30 series card will be ready to ship within that estimated build and test time and on your doorstep the next day. Our advise is simply to make your order as soon as possible to get in the queue and then keep an eye on your emails - these GPU's are all supplied on a first come first served basis. To make things fair, priority and SRJ build services will not jump the queue for 30 series allocation.

Next day systems will get the 3000 series treatment when stock is readily available given the supply issues this will probably be November at the earliest.  Watercooled  systems will see 3000 series cards when the water blocks are released which is set to be "early October".

Pre 17/9/20 Information;

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3000 cards (3090, 3080 & 3070)  are set to launch throughout September & October – 3070 is due on October 15th whilst the 3080 has a firm date of September 17th and the 3090 on September 24th . Right now, aside from informal rumours and leaks, we don’t have any more formal information other than what is out there to the general public, this includes stock availability and we probably won’t have anything remotely accurate on stock availability and firm pricing until the day before it actually arrives which is likely to be a day for two before launch. Historically with Nvidia GPU launches, stock availability on launch sits between horrendous and rare as hens teeth which leads to delays and price fixing, this normally lasts around a month and consumers generally end up paying a 10-20% premium on new cards when adopting early. We are hearing reports of this being the “smallest launch in many years” with multiple logical reasons (purposeful under supply, logistics, COVID-19 Production impact, VRAM shortage) which is why we firmly believe will be the case and ultimately believe the short supply and price fixing will continue for several months after launch and maybe as far as early 2021.  UK Gaming Computers of course will launch them when allowed and we have some kind of inkling of stock availability and pricing and given our position as a high end system builder in the market we generally sit at the front of the queue when it comes to getting stock from card partners so will be one of the first to launch with the important knowledge of knowing we should be able to actually fulfil orders. Early indication from AIB partners is there is literally going to be tens of 3080's available in the first week of launch. Pre orders on 30XX cards is not allowed and is strictly stipulated by Nvidia.

MSI RTX 3090

Right now, there is a lot of hype around these cards and we strongly urge customers to wait until you see non Nvidia or partner benchmarks and reviews. We have seen people stating double the performance for half the cost which is ambitious at best. Nvidia do this kind of hype every launch and we will eat our socks if you get double the performance for half the cost. We genuinely expect top level performance IE 3090 to improve between 10-30% depending on the situation (look closely at the Nvidia “benchmarks” – see how they are all RTX and DLSS benchmarks and no “raw/normal” benchmarks?) but that also comes at a 25-30% price increase even without the early adopters premium. Right now there is absolutely no competition so it doesn’t make business sense for Nvidia to offer more for less when historically they have got away with more for more.

Regarding the overheating reports that are doing the rounds, we doubt Nvidia or board partners will produce cards that overheat and throttle out of the box – understandable if a builder goes down the route of stuffing a £400+ graphics card in a £30 case (A common corner cutting occurrence) but given decent cooling they should be fine however everything here is thoroughly tested before it goes out the door so that we can provide a 6 year warranty and put our name and reputation on it, so if you are lucky enough to have a system complete with a RTX 30XX card in from us, you can be sure it wont be cooking itself as soon as you turn it on.

Given what has happened in past launches and how we are predicting the 3000 series launch to go, we do not expect any kind of noticeable discount on 20XX series cards and actually believe with real world non RTX and DLSS benchmarks that come to light will push 20XX cards in demand from consumers that have waited for the 30XX series benchmarks only to be left disappointed at the real performance, price and availability. It is likely that 20XX Series cards will probably go up in price throughout the period when 30XX cards are overpriced/hard to get hold of.

Helios Workstation Build

Our last final note is regards to workstations. If you are planning a nice workstation build, either wait until the new year and jump on 30XX cards or if you need something sooner pickup a 20XX card. The reasoning for this is very rarely will the drivers be mature enough on launch, with new architecture comes a lot of work to get drivers to support each scenario and software efficiently, it takes time and Nvidia's focus to start will be on supporting the latest and greatest AAA games out there. Recently, AMD's Radeon RX 5700 and RX 5700 XT drivers took nearly 6 months (!) before they were right. Of course if your new workstation is not system critical and you can live with the inevitable teething issues then this wont be much of an issue but for users that have a strong productivity workload that is time sensitive stick with with the current Nvidia RTX 2080 Super's, 2080 Ti's and Titan RTX cards as you know what you will get with them and know they will do what you want already very well out of the box, you can always upgrade to the new GPU's later down the line when everything calms down and the drivers are mature.