Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and the new year is a very busy time for us, it means we order in more stock to meet the demands of the increased orders throughout November, December and January. Buying more bulk stock means we get components cheaper and cheaper components means cheaper computers! As a result of the last few weeks effort we have now officially launched our 2019 Christmas & New Year Sale! The majority of our Custom PCs have now have up to 15% of their price chopped off.

For example our Hydros Water Cooled PC was £1349.99, Now £1219,99. The Enforcer was £1259.99, Now £1089.99 and our Next Day Hades was £899.99 and is now only £829.99.

Sale prices have already been applied to each system so there is no need for you to do anything other than place the order as normal. We guarantee there will be no further reductions on all of our systems (although they may go up) between now and the new year, and this includes on and around the days of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing day and New Years day. This so you can be safe in the knowledge that you will not miss out by ordering now.

Extended Returns & Christmas Orders Advice

Being the best custom PC builder in the country means our services are very much so in demand this time of year. Our workload over the Christmas months pretty much doubles which puts a big strain on our resources. In past years we had to simply stop taking orders to meet the demand for the orders already promised. The last thing we want is not being able to fulfil an order because we taken too many on. The Second from last thing we want is you not being able to order because we have stopped taking orders so we strongly urge customers to make Christmas orders sooner rather than later. These sale prices will remain the same until well into the new year as of 15/11/19. We have also extended our returns policy until January the 10th so if you do want to return the PC for whatever reason you can do so many days after the Christmas Break.

Delivery Dates & Order Cut Off Details

As many of our systems are built to order which take time to assemble and test there are strict cut-offs in place to ensure your order is ready to ship in time for Christmas Day. The last standard build and test service delivery date before December the 25th, is Tuesday 24th of December which means you need to have placed your order with us by mid day on Friday 9th of December in order to guarantee it being ready to ship in time. Priority builds needs to have their orders in by mid day on the 16th of December and the "Super Rush Job" service customer will still need to give us a call before placing the order so we can let you know an estimated completion date. Please be reminded the 24th of December is not only cutting it fine but is also Christmas eve and should any problems arise with the courier they are unlikely to be resolved until after the big day.

Whilst we try our hardest to fulfil as many orders as possible, any systems ordered after any of these dates, whilst are likely to be completed, are not guaranteed to ship in time for the big day.

Collections from us can be collected right up until Tuesday 24th of December which is our last working day before Santa arrives.

Please remember systems with 16GB of RAM or more, overclocked or full custom water cooling incur extra build and test time, so you will need to get these orders in sooner. Details on how these upgrades affect the build and test time can be found here.

If you have left it too late then we do have an increased stock of our Pre Built PCS which are already built, tested, packaged and ready to ship. Our "Super Rush Job" build and test service is also available as normal but we fully expect it to be in full demand for last minute orders so do please call us before ordering a Super Rush Job as we only take on one of these jobs at a time so we can devote our full attention to it.

Opening Times Over the Christmas Break

For our sins we will be working right up until 6pm December 24th, after that we are officially closed until January the 2nd however there will be skeletal staff in on the 27th, 30th & 31st of December for support and sales enquiries. Little or no production will happen on these 3 days and so is not included in the build/test time-scales.

Our Courier is back open from Friday 27th so we will be able to dispatch orders for delivery on Saturday 28th and Tuesday 31st of December.

Normal service will resume from Thursday 2nd of January 2020 meaning the next available standard delivery date after this period will be Friday 3rd January 2020.

Finally we wish all of our customers, past and present a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us here at UK Gaming Computers.