Custom PC award 2009

Custom PC

In case you don't know who these guys are, custom PC are primarily a magazine giving the latest lowdown on hardware, software and generally anything related to the custom PC market. The end of 2009 is upon us and these guys thought it would be nice to dish some nice looking awards out to companies in the trade.

What was judged

There were several awards given out but the ones we were interested in were;

Best Motherboard Manufacturer

Best Graphics Manufacturer

Best Memory Manufacturer

Best PSU Manufacturer

Best Chassis Manufacturer

Overclocking & Cooling Award

The results

As you can see the awards cover a range of PC components brands, we were eager to see what such a large organization had to say, so without further a do, this is what they said;

Best Motherboard Manufacturer - Asus

Best Graphics Manufacturer - Sapphire

Best Memory Manufacturer - Corsair

Best PSU Manufacturer - Corsair

Best Chassis Manufacturer - Antec

Overclocking & Cooling Award - Arctic Cooling

To say we were pleased was an understatement. We primarily use all of the brands above for their associated use. Our motherboards are 95% Asus, our Ram is 100% Corsair and 90% our PSUs are Corsair again. Nice to see such a large player in the game agreeing with what we build our PCs with. I make that;

Cheap nasty computers 0 - 1 High Quality Computers