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  1. Advantage of Building a Gaming PC

    Advantage of Building a Gaming PC

    eople nowadays are opting to build their own gaming PC rather those available in the computer market. Even though many people are already doing this, there are still those who do not believe why they should practice it. This article will therefore expound more on the advantages a person will get when he/she builds his/her own gaming computer. Aside from...
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  2. How to Paint a Computer Case

    How to Paint a Computer Case

    There is just no better way to make your PCs and laptops more fashionable than ever than to paint its case with the latest art trends today. If you want to see your computer cases look new again, you can always paint them with your favorite color or style. If you are afraid to stain or ruin anything inside, you...
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  3. Windows 7

    Windows 7

    Computers have always been a trusty resource to help simplify everything that people do. This advantage is brought about by the different components found in each PC like the processor, RAM and operating system (OS). Microsoft Windows has been known to dominate the OS of personal computers over the years with its line up of versions that have helped so...
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  4. Nvidia Rocket League Game Bundle

    Nvidia Rocket League Game Bundle

    Cars and Football, what more could you want? UK Gaming Computers and Nvidia are proud to announce our latest game promotion revolving around the highly successful Rocket League on PC.
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  5. Nvidia Destiny 2 Game Bundle

    Nvidia Destiny 2 Game Bundle

    After years of campaigning Bungie and Activision have confirmed that Destiny will be coming to PC in the form of Destiny 2!
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