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  1. Cyberpunk 2077 – Is it Fixed Yet?

    Cyberpunk 2077 – Is it Fixed Yet?

    Whether we're talking movies or video games, these incredibly rich industries often rely heavily on manufactured hype to sell tickets and copies in bulk on release. As a result, we get flashy big budget trailers that try to show their product in the best possible light. Occasionally though, this hype doesn't deliver, and word of mouth spreads fast. Cyberpunk 2077...
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  2. The Rise of AMD

    The Rise of AMD

    The story of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. - otherwise known as AMD - began with its founding in 1969, just a year after that of its long-time rival, Intel (1968). Founded at a time when the advent of computers were on the horizon and set to change the world forever, these two companies have both had a large say in...
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  3. What exactly is Nvidia Reflex?

    What exactly is Nvidia Reflex?

    Much more than a mere hobby, competitive gaming has been catapulting towards mainstream popularity for some time now, spurred on by extreme PCs becoming more affordable (and powerful) than ever. Going hand in hand with this increased accessibility is Nvidia Reflex; an impressive component for any PC aiming for the pinnacle of flawless system performance. Whether you're looking to climb...
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  4. Nvidia Frames Win Games

    Nvidia Frames Win Games

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  5. Why is it so hard to buy a GPU now?

    Why is it so hard to buy a GPU now?

    There's a certain irony in the fact that over a year in which people have been forced to stay at home more than ever before in our lifetimes, it has also coincided with a worldwide shortage in chips used for gaming PCs and technology across many other industries. In fact, it was the rush to get personal computers for home...
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  6. Nvidia’s battle against Crypto miners

    Nvidia’s battle against Crypto miners

    What do cryptocurrencies and semiconductors have in common? Surprisingly more than you'd think in 2020/21. But while many assumed that their paths would cross at some point in the near future, as society becomes more reliant on digital currencies and powerful computer chips, the great semiconductor shortage of 2020 onwards has helped to highlight a recent murky link between the...
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  7. Nvidia RTX 3060 12GB

    Nvidia RTX 3060 12GB

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  8. 2021 Stock Shortages

    2021 Stock Shortages

    Updates to stock issues
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  9. How We Upgrade An Extreme Gaming PC

    How We Upgrade An Extreme Gaming PC

    If we could name only one main difference between PC and console gaming, it would likely come down to building and upgrading. This is generally seen as the core benefit of PC gaming due to the flexibility of improving your system over time but can also be a hindrance for those who simply want to jump on and have fun...
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