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  1. Vibox PC Upgrade

    Vibox PC Upgrade

    We had another Vibox PC in for an upgrade so have made this little build log
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  2. The Nvidia GTX Titan X

    The Nvidia GTX Titan X

    Information on the new Nvidia GTX Titan X
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  3. H170 and Z170 Difference

    H170 and Z170 Difference

    Want to know the important differences between Intels new H170 and Z170 chipsets, then we have the answer.
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  4. Nvidia GTX 950

    Nvidia GTX 950

    Information on the New Nvidia GTX 950 2GB
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  5. Zalman Z11 Neo Review

    Zalman Z11 Neo Review

    Our brutal and honest opinion on the new Zalman Z11 Neo.
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  6. Rosewill Stealth Review

    Rosewill Stealth Review

    Rosewill are coming to the UK so we took a look at their Stealth case.
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  7. i7 6700K and i7 5820K Difference

    i7 6700K and i7 5820K Difference

    We pitch the Intel Core i7 6700K v 5820K
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  8. Corsair Hydro H45 Review

    Corsair Hydro H45 Review

    UK Gaming Computers have our hands on a new Corsair H45 to have a play with. It was that interesting we wrote a little review on it.
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  9. The Nvida GeForce GTX 1080

    The Nvida GeForce GTX 1080

    Details on Nvidia's new Geforce GTX 1080 Graphics card
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